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Currently MusicBee keeps the position of single files in the audiobooks section. However, when an "album" of files in a book is clicked, MusicBee will always go to the first file in the album. I am requesting for MusicBee to save the file that the user was on previously in the album along with the position in that file so if a user wanted to quickly get back to the part of a book he was listening to with multiple files, he wouldn't have to skip through all of the files that he already listened to to get to the one MusicBee saved the position for.

I'm pretty sure a feature like this shouldn't take too long to implement, and of course should be optional to serve people who liked the old behavior with audiobook playback.

Questions / Help with Keeping Position in Audiobook Folders
« on: December 15, 2018, 06:15:38 AM »
I have a bunch of folders of audio books, which I keep in the Audiobooks tab of Musicbee. Most of these books span multiple mp3s, so when I click on an album, I have to keep skipping tracks until I get to the chapter I was on before.

Is there a way to get Musicbee to remember the file in an album I was last on? All it does right now is remember the position of a track, not the position in the album.

I'm wondering since I use an app on android called "Music Folder Player" which has the exact behavior that I am describing, but MusicBee doesn't seem to have this feature based on my initial search.

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