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Questions / Does MusicBee save ratings in the tags of flac files
« on: March 20, 2022, 12:01:53 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if MusicBee saves ratings in the tags of flac files or if ratings can be saved in flac files at all?

Currently I am in the process of replacing mp3 files by flac files. The tags of the existing mp3 files includes the rating (I can see them e.g. in Windows Explorer). First doubts came up when I copied the mp3 tags to the flac files with using mp3tags for this procedure. When deleting the mp3 files in Windows Explorer and replacing them in MusicBee by the prepared flac files the rating was lost. In Windows Explorer the ratings are also not shown.

Okay, could be that mp3tag does not copy the rating but I added the ratings to the flac files manually in MusicBee (store ratings in music files is activated in MusicBee). However,  Windows Explorer does still not show the rating (also not in properties).

Can someone clarify this for me?


Questions / Smart way to replace mp3-files by FLAC-files
« on: March 17, 2022, 05:50:09 PM »
Hi everyone,

I have two archives: One is used and contains mostly mp3 files. The other one is more an archive with the same files in flac format.

Now I want to replace the mp3 files with the flac files. I know that I can replace them one by one if I remove the mp3 files and search for it in MusicBee. But this is an awful work with 11k files and error-prone. Is there a smarter way how I can replace those files in bigger groups?


Questions / Sorting Column According Customized Preferences
« on: December 01, 2021, 04:39:37 PM »

I need your help. I have created a custimized sorting for column Title. Like it is in iTunes I want to sort all songs by Title / Artist / Year / Album. It works by right-clicking and selecting the customized sorting in the sub-menu. But this is not comfortable when using it vey often. I just want to left-click on the column to have this sorting.

Is it possible to change the standard sorting of column Title to my customized sorting method?
Alternatively: Is it possible to create another column (e.g. Song) which shows the title with the customized sorting as a standard for left-click?


Portable Devices / Playlists are shown as copied but are not
« on: August 25, 2020, 12:03:47 PM »
Hi experts,

It used to work months ago but something has changed (perhaps the MusicBee Version, perhaps some customizing in MusicBee or Android - I do not know).

MusicBee's latest version 3.3.7491 (installed)
Windows 10

USB cable sync
sync to SD card / internal storage on a Nokia 8 with Android 9

what happens (not):
When I sync MusicBee to my smartphone MusicBee shows that all files and playlists are copied (with some very big playlist an error is shown that they are not copied - that's another problem and okay for the moment). However, only 29 playlist of approx. 150 are synced to Android using m3u-playlists. I assume that mp3 files are all copied correctly, the problem only occurs with playlists.

what I already tried
I tried other playlist formats which are copied completly but PlayerPro does not read those formats.
I tried to sync to another internal directory and on the SD card (customised in MusicBee device preferences).
I tried to find an equality of those playlists which are copied and those which are not but acutally found none. Automatic playlists are affected but also sometimes copied as well as manual playlists.

Can anybody help me and give me a hint what to do to copy all playlists to Android phone?


Questions / Some annoying things about MusicBee I'd like to change
« on: November 21, 2018, 12:16:10 PM »

I am using MB for a few weeks now (coming from iTunes which got worse and worse) and I am quiet happy with it. Howerver, some things are really annoying to me and I wonder if I can change them!?

1. If I am editing the mp3-tags there is no prevention of losing data if I accidently click in the main window selecting another song. All changes are lost. Is it posible to protect of losing data (e.g. auto saving, preventing of changing the song in the edit window)?

2. Sometimes I use another software to change mp3-tags (still iTunes but even more often mp3tag). What I do not like is that MB does not refresh the mp3-tags automatically while opening the file (e.g. playing, editing) even if it regonises that there have been changes made outside MB (it shows that little red sign). Is it possible that MB always refreshes mp3 tags from the file (like iTunes does)? I know I can reimport the mp3-tags but this is manual work and I want MB to do it automatically if / before it uses the file.

3. I use plenty of auto-playlists which should refresh automatically. That works fine. However, there is one playlist which I do want to refresh only manually. I removed that tickmark from automatically refresh the matching tracks but it stills refreshes automatically if I change mp3-tags. What is the reason for that? What am I doing wrong?

4. I have tagged compilation albums with the iTunes compilation flag and the album artist is set to [various artists]. The year is tagged as the song's relase date (not the album release date). If I sort album artist/year/album (which I would like to have for all non-compilation albums) the sorting for compilation albums is exactly like that: All songs from a year are sorted together independently from the album. That means that I have as many clusters as years and wihtin each cluster there are plenty of songs from plenty of albums.
iTunes worked differently for compilations: the compilation album was never devided due to different years of songs but always stucked together. Is this also possible in MB?

Thanks for your help

Questions / MusicBee's shows lyrics without line breaks
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:59:17 PM »
Hi guys,

I just loaded and installed MusicBee to switch from iTunes. Most things work well and even better than Apples software. However, there is one thing which is really annoying to me: All my files are maintained and tagged with iTunes. It works fine for MusicBee, everything is also in MusicBee. Only lyrics are shown without line breaks in MusicBee even though they exist. :'(

To give you a better understanding, I have posted both, how MusicBee shows lyrics an how iTunes does:



It is the same file both music players have access to. If I copy the lyrics from iTunes to MusicBee and save the file with it, the lyrics are shown correctly with line breaks in iTunes and MusicBee. However, I do not want to copy lyrics for thousends of music files. Automatic lyrics are no solution to me since they are mostly not correct (that's why I maintain own lyrics).

Has anybody an idea how I can make MusicBee to show the lyrics correctly?


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