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For the last few months I have been enjoying using MB as my internet Radio player with the theater mod & "Cine view" enabled, with this setup I get a photo that is closely related to the artist that is playing and many times have resulted in me or others walking up to my stereo system to see the photo on the monitor, I may attempt to get MB to cast to my TV...

Previously I been using TapinRadio (windows application) to organize & play internet Radio, the TapinRadio software will attempt to re-acquire a radio station that stops playing based on user settings, it also will attempt to re-acquire the station after the computer is woken from a sleep state, better than 90% of the time the station successfully starts playing again.
This is great for my use scenario, which uses a dedicated computer as a music source to my stereo system which I put to sleep each night and is scheduled to wake up each morning.

My request would be to make MB re-acquire an internet radio station when streaming is interrupted and when the computer is woken from a sleep state. If this realized it would simplify my life, isn't that what we all want?

MusicBee Wishlist / Further development of Internet radio support
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:01:08 PM »
I have copied some internet radio URLs into the Musicbee Radio tab and found that the ability to organize the radio stations is very limited.
The application I normally use for Internet radio is "Tapinradio", this application allows me to organize my stations in a two level hierarchical fashion so I can have a "blues" category with all of my blues stations under it.
The ability for Musicbee to load and display artist info in theater mode from the internet while playing internet radio is VERY Nice!

Bug Reports / Musicbee Will not resume from Sleep Mode
« on: June 06, 2018, 04:42:04 PM »
When using Music Bee 3.1.6590...
I have a dedicated computer to listen to my music collection & internet radio,
we use the "Sleep" button each night when we go to bed, the next day we "wake" the
computer and music bee resumes playing but only the audio that was in the buffer,
it stops playing after about 3 seconds, while in theater mode the background art
continues to be updated but no music is played. To start the music I need to open
the play list panel an click the item in the list (the internet radio station)
to restart the Internet Radio station again.
In preferences-playback I have selected the option to resume playback on startup.
When using other apps (Tapinradio...) the music always resumes when the computer is wakened.
This issue is 100% repeatable.

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