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Bug Reports / Dual Monitors and
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:17:10 AM »
When using two monitors (specifically on Windows 7) I generally keep musicbee on the secondary monitor. When musicbee is not the active window the popup displaying track information when a new track starts playing shows up on the bottom right (tray icon area) of the primary screen's toolbar (expected and desirable behaviour). However left clicking the tray icon when 'single click action' is set to 'show track information' displays that popup on the bottom right of the secondary screen instead of the primary (I assume this is because the player is located there though this does not seem to matter for the automatic popup on track change). I am unsure if this is a bug (if not apologies for using the incorrect section of the forum) but it seems strange for it to work differently in both cases and I cannot see an option to change it.

This is perhaps not the clearest description, I can try to explain things more effectively or provide a (poorly made) image to help illustrate what I mean if necessary.

I recently swapped to MusicBee after my previous music player started to strain under the weight of ~1500 tracks (not many by most standards I'm sure but still). So far I'm liking it rather a lot and have it mostly set up how I like but I've noticed that turning on the "higher rated tracks preferred" option in Preferences - Now Playing almost never plays anything rated below three starts. Apparently this was not the case previously as per (I've not tried the fix provided in that thread since I do not know if it's compatible with the current version and there is no guarantee of it being compatible with all future versions anyway). Would it be possible to get a simple option to switch between the old algorithm and the new one or even better to get a slider like the different-same artist one that currently exists?

Additionally is there any way to easily see the existing algorithm or even edit it myself? I'd like to know if one star is even less commonly played than two and so on and if I can just mess with it in a text editor or similar there's no problem (it might be a good thing to document somewhere though). I suppose messing with the more advanced playlist features might help here but if there already exists an option like this and an old algorithm doing it it seems silly not to add it (I'll grant I do not know too much about development but the work looks to already be done and all).

One other note is that I could not easily find the method to change which columns are displayed in a given tab in the documentation, I eventually worked out it was 'right click - set displayed fields'. It's more than likely I just missed it but google turns up nothing useful unless you already know the option is called 'set displayed fields'.

Otherwise I'm very much enjoying MusicBee, in particular I like that you've left in simple options for grumpy users such as myself to enable the more old-fashioned UI options (e.g. showing the Main Menu in Caption Bar instead of just as a modern button) instead of forcing me to look for a custom skin to do it instead.

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