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I have a little problem ; when synchronizing my library with an external device (an ipod classic), it takes my whole CPU (i7-4720HQ) to do so, the problem is it takes hours and my computer is hurling pushing fans and CPU at their limit, it makes a lot of noises and litteraly burn my computer.

I don't care if you provide me a solution that double the synchronization time, but I would like to have a way to limit CPU usage and preventing my computer to go to space.

Note I already tried to reduce process priority in the process manager (almost no difference) and I convert all (all of them with no exception ; more than 20,000) my files while synchonizing them (which probably rise the CPU usage too).

Thanks a lot for any help you could provide.

Questions / Sorting compilation with different artist for each song
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:23:59 AM »

Because of the bad way iTunes manages and display some files I used a precise way to sort some artists, mostly some compilations putting them in a fake artist named "zzCompilation" ("zz" to be at the very end of the list).
Now I use MusicBee which has many more customization, I would want to put the real artist in the artist tag but have those compilation to still appear the same way as before (so sorted like if it was the same artist and the album).

Now it will get very tricky for me to explain, so sorry if you don't get what I mean, say it, and I will try to show it with screenshots and different explanations.

Currently when I have a compilation, the artist and the album artist tag are "zzCompilation", then the title use this pattern "<Title>(<Artist>)" ("<Artist>" is the real artist, not "zzCompilation").
I saw if I set album artist tag with "zzCompilation", I set artist tag with the real artist and the title with just the title in it and nothing more, then I change the sort I used (from artist tag) to album artist tag in the thumbnail browser panel, it works: I see different artist all being on the same album and grouped together.
BUT this causes many issues since I have to change the sort I use and the most important thing, in my iPod classic, music are sorted by artist and there's no way to sort them by album artist, so if you followed all until here, it means I get my compilation to not be displayed correctly in the iPod (song is sort in the real artist instead of being under "zzCompilation" name).

So I assumed by inverting artist and album artist tag, it would be a success, I was wrong, because then it's MusicBee that doesn't appreciate it, whatever the sorting is, if the album artist tag differs from the music of the same album (if the tag is inconsistent), it seems to separate each song like if it was a new album for each of them.

Then is there anyway to get rid of this issue?

Thanks in advance for answering my question.
(By the way, sorry for doing several threads, I tired to not mixed up questions that have nothing in common to keep a clear subject for future researches).


I pair my library with an iPod classic 160GB, it works great almost no problem, the only problem is the "ignore words" option doesn't work for the artist in my iPod classic, I get this option modify the sort artist tag, but it doesn't seem to be recognized by the iPod classic while synchronizing with iTunes actually makes words like "The" or "A" to be ignored properly.
I saw there is option called "replace artist tag with:" that I thought for a moment would do the trick but it doesn't, when I set it to "display artist", nothing changes and when I select "sort artist", it does work but it really "just simply" replace the artist tag (the one displayed on the iPod menu) by the sort artist tag which is pretty ugly in my opinion, mostly since I use a very particular way to prompt a few of my artists (those with non romanic characters), I use parenthesis which look terrible with the sort artist tag.

So is there any way to make this to work as I want? I already tried the iPod/iPhone driver plugin, it doesn't work, at least it doesn't fix the issue I'm having.

And by the way, I saw on another thread Steven doesn't really want to put much effort into synchronisation with apple devices mostly because iTunes driver are copyrighted or something like that and so it's not possible to add and remove manually files to the iPod, but is there any option to completely reset the whole library because it isn't possible through the iPod classic itself (or I don't know how to do it) and the only way I know is by iTunes again.

Thanks in advance for your future answers.


Currently, I just tried for the first time to add new music files to my main MusicBee collection, I do have checked "auto-organize media files" option, there's no filter configured at all, after adding a few music present on the same hard drive as MusicBee in the inbox then in the library, no problem at all, it worked correctly, they have been moved from their previous location to MusicBee folders architecture.
But when I tried to do so with music files from another hard drive the exact same way, they are playable and all, but it just doesn't bother moving them while it should, is it normal?
Another precision, those files I mentioned are part of my secondary library in my external disk, I didn't selected "auto-organize media files" option nor any filter at all for that precise second library, maybe that could be the problem? Removed the whole second library, the issue is still a thing.

And by the way, is there anyway create a "Add automatically files" folder like on iTunes in Musicbee (a folder where the program checks for new files to be added and when it detects them, it adds them to the folders architecture of the library)?
Also is there any way to not have the file to be moved but to be copied instead (keeping them in the location they where plus adding them to the library)?

Thanks for your considerations to my request.

EDIT: I also tried to go to the properties of the song to see if I was able to relocate an already added song in the library, but the "location" option is always grayed and even when I move the files to have MusicBee to indicate me the files are missing, I have no option to tell it where I moved them, so I have no other choice than removing the files from my library then moving them through Windows explorer and finally add them back to MusicBee, that's pretty annoying in my opinion, but maybe there's something I didn't get.


I wish I could use an album covert art as a thumbnail instead of the artist picture while scrolling in the thumbnail browser sorted per artists exactly like iTunes 12.

This fonction is already a thing in MusicBee but only work if the artist couldn't be resoled through internet and then if MusicBee didn't find any artist picture for the current artist, I would like to have this as an option for all artist.

I put two screenshots to make it more comprehensible if needed:

iTunes 12:                               MusicBee 3:

Thanks in advance for reading my request and eventually accepting it.

Questions / Cover Art instead of Artist Picture
« on: June 08, 2017, 02:17:37 AM »

I've recently finally decided to switch from iTunes I can't bear anymore to MusicBee, but I experience a few minor issues while using it, I will do a new thread for each to make it easier to search for and clearer for helping people to answer.

One of them is I would want to have cover arts instead of the artist picture while using the thumbnail browser like in iTunes 12 artist view mode.
I talk about this precise part of the program:

Actually, I want for all artists the same behaviour as what you get when an artist hasn't been found through internet by MusicBee ; if MusicBee doesn't find the artist through internet, it will prompt the first cover art instead of the artist picture, I want this for all the artists without modifying the artist tag if it's possible.

I know such a suggestion could be considered as odd but I'm very accustomed to iTunes 12 interface by now, and to be honest I would prefer the artist pictures to stay in the artist picture panel only and nowhere else since I find a lot of them not very appealing, I could simply not show any picture at all too, but it would make my search more fastidious since I used to just remember the displayed cover art and click on it for an artist.

Thanks for your future responses and sorry in advance for making several threads about different problems I encounter in the next days (will wait if someone tells me I shouldn't make a new thread for each single question).

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