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Bug Reports / Interface bugs on 4K
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:23:42 PM »
This is all on the latest version of MusicBee.

Panel configuration (bottom right corner with text overlapping over buttons)

Checkbox lists are broken almost everywhere. Only a small portion of checkbox is actually clickable. When you untick it and tick again it's clipped.

Form legends are sometimes overlapping over the form itself

Clicking outside of template editor brings MusicBee to background

With MusicBee supporting interface scaling I think it's important for old\not updated themes to play nicely on scaling values higher than 100%. Having nearest-neighbor algorithm applied to styles' graphics would help this a lot. I've made a very simple comparison of nearest-neighbor and bicubic algorithms (MusicBee right now has the one that's on the right):

The biggest problem on high DPI is blurriness and the most basic algorithm gets rid of it completely. Hope this makes some sense.

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