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Online I read all the great reviews about MusicBee, so I dropped MusicMonkey for MusicBee 3.0. However, just establishing the MB library from my 64GB SDXC card (NTFS formatted) on my Windows 8.1 SurfacePro has been impossible. 

The formal documentation on how to do such is non-existent. I've googled, read documents, watched Youtube videos, etc.  And searching multiple terms on MB support forums leads me to one of two conclusions: either the forums don't address it or I'm looking in the wrong areas.  So, my urgent question is:

** what are the steps to populate MusicBee 3.0 library from an SDXC card that IS recognized in MusicBee Navigator Panel under Devices? (I'm under Windows 8.1. SDXC card is set up as removable media and works fine with VLC player.)**

I think the need for these instructions is much greater due to more use of removable storage media.

So far, this is the type of info I've found in the forums:
"August 21, 2016, 01:02:36 PM
"To be honest, I can't speak from experience in using MusicBee's library with removable storage.
"So perhaps another member with experience with this can give you some good tips and advice on that.
"Also I am pretty sure you should be able to find some existing forum posts on this matter."

Actually, I'm not so sure anything exists in the Forums on this.
Can some of you experienced users help me out?  I'd really like to use MusicBee.

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