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MB 3.3.7310 on Win 10 Home 1909.

My system is set up with multiple local user accounts.

When MB is running on one account and you switch to another account, MB is doing <something> to the audio driver that winds up blocking sleep.

When I run MB without switching users, the system goes to sleep as expected. However, after switching to another user account, the system will no longer go to sleep. Running "powercfg -requests" (in an elevated cmd prompt) shows:
C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -requests

[DRIVER] Realtek High Definition Audio (HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0887&SUBSYS_10438760&REV_1003\5&2fb867d4&0&0001)
An audio stream is currently in use.





Doing some testing, this shows up only after switching users - powercfg shows no active requests after starting MB (without playing anything), but as soon as I switch to the other user account, powercfg shows this driver message - even though MB has never been playing, simply started. As soon as I exit MB powercfg shows no outstanding requests.

The audio driver is the latest available from my motherboard vendor.

MB 3.3.7162 /MB Android app 0.9 / GMMP 2.2.21 /GMMP unlocker 1.5.1

When I enable any of the GMMP options in the MB Android app I get this error:

Unable to retrieve statistics from GoneMad player for reverse sync. The unlocked version of GoneMad is required.

The only thing in the error log is:
<timestamp>: sendStats: Unable to retrieve stats for player: 1

Any suggestions?

MusicBee Wishlist / 3-digit list-copy prefix
« on: August 27, 2018, 06:46:49 PM »
I use MusicBee to load up USB sticks to play in my car. I use 254-song playlists (because that's the most files that can be in one folder for the car player). I use Send-To->Folder (Copy) to put the the playlist output into the folder on the USB stick. MusicBee uses a 2-digit prefix for the first 99 files, then a 3-digit prefix after. Unfortunately the player in the car is stupid and it plays then in direct alphabetical order:


This is just a little aesthetic thing, but since the player ALSO shows track N/254, and it's N doesn't match the file prefix, it triggers my OCD-ish instincts.

If you could make the prefix always be 3 digits when more than 100 files are being copied it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

I have 3 albums by ABBA:

The Hits
The Hits 2
The Hits 3

This is the order I want to see them displayed, so I set the AlbumSort tag on "The Hits" to "The Hits 1". In the Album view and in the Album column of the Column Browser, they came out

The Hits 2
The Hits 3
The Hits

If I change the AlbumSort tag on "The Hits" to "Hits 1, The", then the Column Browser shows them in my desired order, but the Album View still shows "The Hits" last, not first.

It seems to me that perhaps MB isn't properly ignore "The" at the start of mapped album names. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.

MusicBee v3.1.6388

I downloaded the latest 3.1 build, primarily because I like the changes to automatically use the "Sort" version of tags when present:

The behaviour of the various Sort tags (Sort-Artist, Sort-AlbumArtist, etc) has been changed so when sorting by Artist, MusicBee will now automatically use any Sort-Artist tag value for the sort operation. Note that if an album is not consistently tagged with the same Sort-AlbumArtist then it will be split

I have a main panel layout that has the column browser above the Album Covers view, sorted by Album Artist/Album, with no grouping. This arranges things as expected with the new behavior. However, the column browser, set to show Album Artist + Album doesn't use the new Sort-tag grouping. I still have to set the column browser to use Sort Album Artist in place of Album Artist, as I did with 3.0.

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