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Recently, Microsoft has removed the legacy path length limitations for users who opt in:

I have a few tracks that, when properly named, exceed the old path length limitation of 260 characters. So, after having those tracks not properly load or play in MusicBee, I followed the instructions in the article, however, after a reboot and scanning for new files MusicBee is still experiencing some issues with the files.

Specifically, the tracks will now play where they did not before, but still none of the metadata for the track gets loaded, resulting in blank lines in my music library.  No errors get reported in the error log, per the "View Error Log" functionality.

I also tried moving the affected files out of my music library, re-scanning, moving the files back in, and re-scanning again in order to try to force MusicBee to reload metadata for the files.

Please fix so that MusicBee works fully with the new Windows 10 long path support.

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