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As I read here:

MusicBee used to export M3U files with BOM but that was changed on request to exporting without BOM.

Unfortunately it seems many programs expect BOM (as some seem to expect w/o BOM).
In my case: PowerAmp (the BEST Android music player app) and WinAmp (yes, the old thing) expect M3Us to be WITH BOM.

Any chance to make that configurable?


Questions / Re-scanning library doesn't work
« on: December 06, 2016, 10:59:37 PM »
Hey there. I am new to MB, so sorry if this is trivial:

I have added some of my music files and deleted others.
How do I now tell MB to re-scan the library folder?
If I select File / "Scan folders for new files" I just get the message "File rescan/ add completed - no new files added".

Would deleted files also be handled by this command? (if it worked)

And, one more thing I realize:
When I select File / Library / Remap Music folders, MB lists 2 folders. The one where all my MP3 files are in, and a 2nd one which at some time in the past had files on them. What has the old location to say here? How do I get rid of that?

Ralf S.

PS: I am using MB V3.0.6132 on a 64bit Win10 machine.

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