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I've recently bought a huge FLAC file (+-2Gb and +-6 hours of music).
When this file is converted in device synchronization in MusicBee, the resulting mp3 file is reduced to +-300Mb and +-3 hours of music and doesn't seem to contain the music which is at the start of the original file.
I have used this turnaround to solve this problem :
- Opened a command line from : C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Codec
- Launched this command to convert FLAC file to WAV file : flac -d "<original_flac_file_path>"
- Launched this command to convert WAV file to MP3 file : lame "<wav_file_path>" --cbr -b 320 --noreplaygain
- Excluded from synchronization : Right clic on the FLAC file : Sent to > Audiobooks
-- cfr
This workaround works but i'm reporting this issue if anyone think that it can/must be resolved :-)


I think this is not possible at the moment (version 3.0.6132) to synchronize playlists on an memory card used in an android (thus using unix path) device. The simplest way to be to do this, imho, will be to support unix character (/) specified in "path prefix for tracks" field with "use relative file paths" checked and using the same folder for playlists and music (Music by default).
It doesn't work today because :
- without using relative paths, paths are all prefixed by / and the android device doesn't find the music because the generated path in the playlist is like /Music/Something instead of the real path on the device /sdcard1/Music/Something
- with relative paths checked, the entered path prefix for tracks is then ignored and the default Windows path separator is then used. Exemple : .\Music\Something instead of ./Music/Something




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