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I have searched this forum for almost an hour and could not find the answer I am looking for...
Can anyone help me please?
When I type a few letters into the "grouping" field in the "Edit" dialog box, a dropdown menu auto selects some choices, however, I have at some several points just hit Enter and mistakenly ADDED the few letters to the "List"  ... I just want to remove those mistakes, so I need to know what file and where it resides, so I can Edit IT.

LOVE this App, a buddy of mine uses MediaMonkey and says he has too much time and money invested in it to switch now, but agrees that MusicBee seem better in many respects.

Not really sure what to call it ...

So, after much consternation and discussion, I am humbly asking for the option/ability to have the "Folder name" thumbnail view column choose the "Folder.jpg" in the folder as it's art for presentation wherever it is. {I think that is the only place it is}

This would negate the necessity of having to have a "blank".mp3 {with my chosen art embedded} in each folder, to be able to see the customized art I have chosen to see instead of the art of the first song in a folder.

Because, what happens with having a "blank".mp3 is, it creates an entry of a "song" where there really is not one, clogging up the "Tracks" window, among other things.

I had mentioned before in the discussion, something like "IF there is folder.jpg, THEN show, ELSE, {whatever}" I'm thinking either just a 1 check box, or 2 -3 options with check boxes.
Certainly not sure how that would work within the constraints of your programming language for MB...

ALSO, within the same realm, at the top of the "Folder name" column is an item named "ALL"... is there any way to make that become the name of the actual folder where all the music resides, and have it display the "folder.jpg" associated with that folder {by folder.jpg within the folder or by folders customized icon} ???

Thank You for such a great Application !!!

MusicBee Wishlist / [Feature Wish] Google Assistant integration ?
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:37:30 PM »
I had put this somewhere else and after hitting post, I thought it should probably be it's own thing ...

How about just "Google Assistant" integration... control MB with "Hey, Google, start/play xxxx on MusicBee in Auto-DJ mode" kinda thing ... ???

Greetings, and THANK YOU for this wonderful App !!!
No, my Library is not as big as some peoples'... only about 125,000 titles, ALL mp3 320k or better, ALL fully tagged...
My desire or "Wishlist Request" would be for some way, INTERNAL of Musicbee, to put the entire window of "Now Playing" on my Network connected DNLA LED Flatscreen TV.
     A plugin for "Chromecast" is unlikely since Google has no desire to support the feature on Windows Apps.

But, I am wondering if it may be easier to make the window convert to a "web page" - open in Chrome Browser... then Casting is no problem, as, many devices can be cast to - Platform independent, OS independent and Application Independent. I believe it is called "video hook" in programming... since Streaming is already built-in Musicbee, a micro web server for the window stream data should be easy to write... but I'm not a programmer...
     Just trying to be thinking outside the box... but NOT outside the App.
A plugin would be wonderful, but using another App to accomplish this feat is counterproductive to Musicbee, and would actually take away from it's wonderfulness. I already have to use Subsonic to listen to my Library when I'm away from home, and that needs a dynamic DNS service provider {free} but just the fact that I can not use Musicbee for this simple task also... just perturbs me...
On that note, it would be nice if Musicbee Remote actually was. More of a "remote player" instead of just a "remote control"... if it could accomplish what Subsonic does for Remote access and playing, listing, sorting and searching - just the music part, that would be absolute HEAVEN !!!

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