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Questions / Keyboard backlight react to sound? (Like for eg. winamp plugin)
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:34:42 PM »

I wasn't sure in which section this should be posted, so sorry if chosen wrongly.

I remember there was once a plug-in for winamp that allowed to control & react the keyboard 3 LED diods that are usually on keyboard responsible for notification about Caps Lock etc., to the music, and also possibly to control the back-light of the keyboard if one had such keyboard.
It happened that I have such a keyboard that has back-light that can be set on two levels and I was wondering whether maybe we have already some kind of plug-in or something that could do the same as the winamp plug-in?

Questions / Save layout and Musicbee setings to file?
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:07:47 PM »
Is there somewhere a file that contains informations about my layout and Musicbee settings, so that I could copy it to other computers, so that I would not have to configure it again?

I know musicbee is not a tag editing program but I was wondering whether there maybe would be an easy way to add such a functionality to a tag editing tool in Musicbee that I can add to already existing tags some another additional info.
It can be easily done by just Regular Expressions I believe and adding a additional field in tag editing window for such purpose.

But even tag editing program lat tagscanner doesn't have this feature, only some workaround which takes some little more time.

As in thread name.

This is how mine main view looks like and on the red I've marked where I wonder if there would be maybe an easy way for the programmer to edit the code so that my request would be possible.

Would it be even possible to implement such thing as in thread name?
The basic Windows 8 music application called just Music is allowing me to listen to my music even after turning my screen of by button on my Yoga Tablet.

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