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Bug Reports / Trouble loading DSP FabFilter
« on: March 13, 2022, 08:59:15 AM »

I use FabFilter Pro Q-3 as a DSP but MB has trouble loading it. I have to restart MB about 20-40 times before it finally loads FabFilter. After it has loaded, it works just fine, never crashes, it's just that MB has problems finding it initially (it's the only VST plugin I use and I do use multiple Winamp plugins and those all load fine).

Is there a workaround or trick I could use?

Questions / Stream to receiver/amplifier over Ethernet?
« on: November 29, 2017, 12:42:16 PM »
I'm planning on buying a new receiver or amplifier and stream my music from Musicbee over Ethernet but I have no idea how to set things up. I can't find anything in Musicbee's output settings for this. I'm rather oldschool and until now I've always used an external DAC in combination with a "classic" amplifier (simple analog).

Can anyone explain how to do this? Thanks. (I'm using Musicbee 3.0.6057)

Sudden crashes. v3.0.5972 (MB almost never crashed on me).

Since yesterday I have had three sudden crashes with the following errors:

11-5-2016 9:47:35 - 6.1.7601.65536 - 3.0.5972.20921 - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qPlbkma4EyaAamon3FlrJIQ==(Int32 #=q3Pg_1bowvJy2R4F5Y3e9Yw==, String #=qKT54DGjqSCSJ8L8mCzrcBA==, Object #=q3e9ImqnUASgbiPk9wVPTLQ==, Bitmap #=qeuERM22msxfmdCwSDSf2_A==)
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ==.#=qgdlQc0wiWtpeM8pP44wYqA==(IList`1 #=qpMaxTYSs201wYXGiU5aAlQ==)
   bij #=qFeTrPQ3tnQM_SwIKR1lwKgbkVkUdCZn7pqLCF6ziBDk=.#=qzp2QEhq4Z32Zg3psb_sM80x4CAKpjEKxS6fZJ6xue$s=(#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ== #=qxG$eOmQ_Y4gPymAYJIEn7A==, Boolean #=qxuIfmIG2_oxFdCWzfKdxVzJjy7_AEy_GKuOwoGPTF_Y=)

11-5-2016 10:10:21 - 6.1.7601.65536 - 3.0.5972.20921 - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qPlbkma4EyaAamon3FlrJIQ==(Int32 #=q3Pg_1bowvJy2R4F5Y3e9Yw==, String #=qKT54DGjqSCSJ8L8mCzrcBA==, Object #=q3e9ImqnUASgbiPk9wVPTLQ==, Bitmap #=qeuERM22msxfmdCwSDSf2_A==)
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ==.#=qgdlQc0wiWtpeM8pP44wYqA==(IList`1 #=qpMaxTYSs201wYXGiU5aAlQ==)
   bij #=qFeTrPQ3tnQM_SwIKR1lwKgbkVkUdCZn7pqLCF6ziBDk=.#=qzp2QEhq4Z32Zg3psb_sM80x4CAKpjEKxS6fZJ6xue$s=(#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ== #=qxG$eOmQ_Y4gPymAYJIEn7A==, Boolean #=qxuIfmIG2_oxFdCWzfKdxVzJjy7_AEy_GKuOwoGPTF_Y=)

11-5-2016 12:56:34 - 6.1.7601.65536 - 3.0.5972.20921 - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qPlbkma4EyaAamon3FlrJIQ==(Int32 #=q3Pg_1bowvJy2R4F5Y3e9Yw==, String #=qKT54DGjqSCSJ8L8mCzrcBA==, Object #=q3e9ImqnUASgbiPk9wVPTLQ==, Bitmap #=qeuERM22msxfmdCwSDSf2_A==)
   bij #=qFVnTf5SxxoEB5tLlkoLvh$hRzxJRr9EaDb7O8UR0MKE=.#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ==.#=qgdlQc0wiWtpeM8pP44wYqA==(IList`1 #=qpMaxTYSs201wYXGiU5aAlQ==)
   bij #=qFeTrPQ3tnQM_SwIKR1lwKgbkVkUdCZn7pqLCF6ziBDk=.#=qzp2QEhq4Z32Zg3psb_sM80x4CAKpjEKxS6fZJ6xue$s=(#=qMOwvbmE8ZwtIkEyfJaIAAQ== #=qxG$eOmQ_Y4gPymAYJIEn7A==, Boolean #=qxuIfmIG2_oxFdCWzfKdxVzJjy7_AEy_GKuOwoGPTF_Y=)

Questions / Question about output (DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO)
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:02:50 PM »
Because I use DirectSound there's a couple of problems (delay between audio and the visualizer and another problem possibly due to this).
I have the following choices: DirectSound, WASAPI and ASIO.

WASAPI does not solve anything and I don't use an ASIO card. So there's nothing left to choose from as an alternative. Am I missing something here? I mean: there seem to be only a couple of users who use DirectSound (only one other user complained about the visualizer delay).

I can't imagine everyone else uses ASIO...

Hi Steven,

Since the 3.0.59xx version I downloaded about 2-4 weeks ago (apr. 16th or maybe apr. 8th, I'm not sure about that but probably it's somewhere in between 3.0.5950 and 3.0.5941), MB suffers sometimes from GUI corruption at the top and the bottom (app. 70 pixels high, full screen width). This happens after I switch to MB (it's already open). In those areas the content of the program I was switching from, shows up in MB (hope I can make myself clear; English is not my native language).

E.g.: I'm in Firefox. I switch to MB (ALT TAB or whatever method) and then I see parts of Firefox in those top and bottom areas.

NOTES: No changes to my PC (same drivers etc.). It's not dependat of the program I'm switching from. Happens about once or twice a day. ALT TABBING a few times does NOT fix it but minimizing and restoring DOES!

When I double click on a different track, just before that track starts playing I hear a snippet of the previous track (from the buffer I presume) which is quite annoying (no offence, just saying :-). Is it possible to suppress this one way or another myself? (I guess not...).

@Steven: If not, is it possible for you to incorporate this in the software? (if so, I will place this question on the wishlist). Thanks.

Bug Reports / Same track playing twice (with small delay)
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:57:42 PM »
v3.0.5959 and earlier

Sometimes a track plays twice with a short delay (few hundred milliseconds) between "them/it". I still have no idea how to reproduce this although I have a hunch it only happens after my HDD wakes up (still not sure about that). It's not when skipping songs (like in a previous post about this issue) but if it happens it's right after I double click a track in the main panel to start playback. I have to restart the track to fix it (pause/play is not sufficient). To get an idea about how often this happens, I would say it happens once every other day (twice today).

I found another older (unanswered) bug report here:

(no, there's nothing wrong with my mouse ;-) like someone suggested last week when I discovered the "locked tab > double click in computer tree on folder name > opens and closes the folder"-bug).

Bug Reports / Small bug: saving EQ preset widens the EQ window
« on: April 22, 2016, 12:40:56 PM »
This bug is quite old (at least a couple of months). Still here in latest 3.0.5954

It's only a very small bug: saving an EQ preset widens the EQ window about 180px. This happens with each save so after saving a couple of different presets, you'll end up with a very wiiiiiide EQ window  and the import and reset buttons disappear from view when having the window aligned to the right side of the screen. Closing and re-opening fixes it.

Sometimes I end up with lots of tabs that don't close in a logical fashion (already started a topic about that which you answered) but it's only now that I discovered the reason behind this. It was because of testing another bug that this problem occured repeatedly:

1. Click a pinned tab
2. Double click on a folder name in the tree
3. A new tab opens (why not refresh the one that was active before step 1?)
4. Rinse and repeat and you'll end up with a whole series of tabs

So now consider the following (normal behaviour):

1. Double click on a folder name in the tree
2. The active tab refreshes
3. Rinse and repeat and no new tabs are created

So: is what happens in the first example a bug or is this by design?
You see: I would expect the last active tab (the one that was active before I clicked on the pinned tab) to refresh instead of a new tab being created.

MusicBee Wishlist / Extra tab command: "Close all unlocked tabs"
« on: April 15, 2016, 12:53:04 PM »
Because of a combination of factors (Steven explained this in another thread) it's now often quite cumbersome to close multiple tabs in a row (e.g. by repeatedly pressing the hotkey Ctrl+W). Because the focus often shifts to a pinned tab (and you first have to manually focus the next tab you want to close, etc.).

So: wouldn't it be handy and awesome to have a simple command "close all unpinned tabs"? Yes, it would :-)

Questions / Close tab: what's the logic in tab focus after closing
« on: April 13, 2016, 05:48:24 PM »
Can someone tell me what the logic nowadays is behind closing a non-pinned tab with regard to the change/shift of the tab focus?
What I mean is this: quite often after a tab close the focus shifts to a pinned tab (instead a neighbouring non-pinned tab) and if I'm not mistaken this used to be not the case in previous 3.0.xxxx versions.

In other words: often it's not possible anymore to close a bunch of neighboring non-pinned tabs by just repeatedly pressing Ctrl+W

A tiny bug since numerous 3.0.xxxx versions:

"The first time" (after what? I don't know), when I double click a folder in the tree it opens and within a fraction of a second it closes again. After that I can open it without any problem. I still don't know how to reproduce it. MB must be in a certain "state" for this to happen. It happens quite regularly but not often (a few times a day) but, like I said, after it happened everything is fine for quite some time.

So yeah, the title says it all: I would welcome a compensation for the delay when using the visualizer and the waveform cursor when using DirectSound and WASAPI

There's a delay of the waveform cursor and the spectum visualizer relative to the music I'm hearing.
The delay in the visualizer is about 250msec while the waveform cursor has a delay of about a second or so.

Am I the only one experiencing this? What can I do to prevent this?

EDIT: It seems this bug is fixed (or disappeared) somewhere between v3.0.5919 and 3.0.5927


v3.0.xxxx (this bug is an older bug but still present)

Playing bookmarks causes MB to hang sometimes when MB is in repeat mode. This only (?) happens with short clips (a few seconds) and it doesn't happen every time. It reminds me a bit of the  bug you just fixed (the hang on track changes when playing FLAC + CUE sheets and plugins enabled).

Not sure if it happens only after the last bookmark (initially I thought that was the case but I'm not sure about that).

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