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for the purpose of using musicbee wifi sync with my android phone
I want to tell music bee to store music into
.Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> - <Title>
---Media Storage

why ".Music" folder instead of "Music" ?
because if I store into "Music" folder then all the albums get listed into my photo application as "albums"
which is a problem cause there is too many

on the other hand if I store into ".Music" then it's hidden by default & will not get displayed
and I can tell Musicolet (my audio app) to find music into this folder in particular

now the problem is :
.Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> - <Title>
gets changed by musicbee after saving & closing & reopening the configuration into
Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> - <Title>
without the dot

is there any escape character for templates or something to force the dot into staying around ?

Thank you

Questions / system wide sound volume too loud & music bee too quiet
« on: June 04, 2020, 12:32:45 PM »
hello there

I have a slight issue/adjustment that needs to be made somewhere, and I'm wondering if you guyz have any idea

In short : volume of music bee @100% volume (of music bee/volume mixer) is a bit low
and I'm unwilling to increase global windows wide volume which is @ 33%

Long explanation :
-I'm a gamer in addition to a music lover, many games are loud by default so a 100% windows volume would just blast my ears out
sure I adjust most games internal music volume AFTER the game is finally in the menu, but by then it's often too late my ears are already destroyed, hence a global windows wide volume of over 33% is highly undesirable

-and when windows wide volume is 33% and SMART gain is ON, the volume of music bee @100% is too low in most cases

Any ideas ?
Any way to for example bypass windows wide volume only for music bee ?
is applying an equalizer preamp boost a good idea ?
is relaunching volume analysis with higher than default 89dB a good idea ?


Portable Devices / Device Sync & cover artwork options change issue ?
« on: December 23, 2019, 03:54:17 PM »
I did a device sync with several albums, worked very fine, all music is found inside the device
however I did a slight mistake in regard to cover artwork storage

so I went in musicbee again, plugged the device, changed this option :
from "copy to the same folder as the music file"
to "copy to folder.jpg"
then validated my changes (save & close)
then synchronize again....

and .... none of the cover artwork was renamed or copied as "folder.jpg"
Not a huge issue but sounds to me like an oversight ?

any workaround ? or should that be patched ?, could also delete everything & resync if necessary but that seems a bit much for just covers ;)

Thank you for reading and best wishes for the festive season !

Questions / volume bar gone beyond an additional click ?
« on: December 10, 2019, 12:46:54 AM »
pretty much this
the volume bar is beyond an additional click now
is there an option to make it back ?


Bug Reports / [fixed]After RIP, artwork not copied over
« on: September 10, 2016, 02:57:57 PM »
hi, apparently when using "Rip CD" Tool, the artwork is retrieved but not saved (once the process is finished the album in library has no artwork)

edit: fixed thanks steven

MusicBee Wishlist / New quicker simpler bulk tag editing UI / window
« on: September 09, 2016, 09:17:33 AM »
so I saw this done in other software, I thought it was a good idea and to be honest I believe MusicBee has all the functionality to do this almost already implemented with the genre browser, from where I stand  it seems like mostly UI stuff.

To explain myself better I'll start with a picture :

So the goal is to make batch edits to your tags/genres or whatever globally
-this would be a new tagging tool/window
-I took "Genres" as an example and also because it's the most fitting of all tags for this
-the column "Genre Old" starts blank
-the user can not access the columns "count" & "Genre Old"
-the user can rename any of the tags in the "Genre" column
-upon renaming one of the tags the original tag name is put in "Genre Old"
-further renaming of the same tag does not change "Genre Old" (only the original Genre is held there)
-when the user click save : Any non-empty Genre Old is renamed into the corresponding "Genre"

-the user can additionally Delete (which strikes through the corresponding row) or Undelete (if striked through already)
-no changes to the actual database are ever made before the user clicks save or cancel.

-optional special case: if a tag  ("electronica") is renamed to the name of another tag ("electronic") then all tracks who already have the "electronic" tag get "electronica" deleted, and all tracks who do not have "electronic" get "electronica" renamed to "electronic"

I hope this is clear enough ?

the user can already do this but with a lot more manipulations :
-first the user chooses a genre in the genre browser.
-then select all tracks & edit
-then select the genre field
-then go through the possible numerous tags in this field searching for the corresponding tag he wants to alter
-then text select & rename or delete according to his wants.
-then click save

the new UI would do this in 3 steps :
-invoke tool window

the new UI could additionally batch edit multiple tags at once which is impossible with the current UI. (unless all the tracks have identical tags)

So, in the end
I would like to know if I wet your appetite ? if you think it's a good idea, if you think you're gonna implement it in MusicBee ?
reason I'm asking is, I'm a little programmer myself, I made some mods for the game "don't starve" & other stuff, I may be getting way over my head but I was actually considering trying to learn the API & make a plugin for this IF you're not interested in implementing it yourself. Because if it takes you 4 hours, it'll probably take me one or two month to learn :p (I said 4 hours because I dared believe pretty much everything already exist in the form of the existing musicbee genre browser but feel free to contradict me)

Thanks for reading, any replies welcome.

Bug Reports / [fixed]Tag Bulk Edit weirdness ?
« on: September 08, 2016, 09:41:37 PM »
So I was trying stuff and stumbled upon this :
I selected "Electronica" Genre in "Genre browser"
then I selected all tracks listed & edit
The resulting genre field shows only "Big Beat" in the "Genre" Field
see image :

Sometimes it shows the tags for edit properly, sometimes it doesn't, can't really pinpoint why so far.

sidenotes: I have a related wish for musicbee in the post above, but I want you to know I'm not trying to cut corners as you complained some do already :p

General Discussions / Is there a "Genres Browser" in musicbee ?
« on: September 06, 2016, 07:00:54 PM »
I was using calibre recently to manage my ebooks collection, and it got me thinking
what if you could edit genres in musicbee the way you can edit authors,tags & such in calibre ?

There is indeed an awesome tool called the "alter tag browser"

the way it works is open a new small window with a table where all tags are shown (alternatively all authors or all something else)
and a column with the number of times this tag is represented in the library, a column that represent the previous value of the tag (blank at start), and that's all.

inside this table you can rename on the fly any tag to any text including the label of another tag
when you close the tag browser, it will then rename all references of said tag to the new text.

what could you do with it in musicbee :
-easily see that "R B" genre has 3 tracks inside & the "R & B" genre has 30, then proceed accordingly
-easily change electro genre to "electronic music" if you wanted
& so on....

here's two pics that shows how it works somewhat :

here you can see I renamed two categories to "SciFi", if I click cancel, nothing is done (of course)
otherwise the software will go through all 31 book instances to change the tags accordingly (note: there will be one less tag at the end.)

I'm a bit lost with lyrics & musicbee as of now
For example, musicbee displays lyrics fine by default but when I go to "edit track", then "lyrics" tab, it's empty
Is there a way to retrieve your whole library lyrics ?

Also in "now playing" tab in "artist picture" mode, I can't seem to either :
-increase the space available to display lyrics over
-nor increase the font size
(currently using main panel left side for lyrics but right panel is the same result)

Finally I heard about synched lyrics, I tried searching but again I'm lost
I saw there's mainly two competitors ? (right ?)
-minilyrics which relies on an external application ? (and an optional plugin?)
-& lyrics reloaded which works from within musicbee directly

is there any list of pros & cons of each ? can you guyz advise me ?
Any input appreciated,


Bug Reports / UI behavior when user browse settings ?
« on: September 06, 2016, 12:39:08 PM »
might not be a bug per se, but it's definetely a weird behavior
I'm not sure how to describe it so here's an example :
-step 1 click "configure layout"
-step 2 click the "playing tracks" settings button
-step 3 click the "arrange panels" button

-step 4 now make a modification such as : remove a panel "playing tracks" for example (just uncheck it)
-step 5 click "save" notice: your UI modification is validated & saved
-step 6 click "save" & "save" again
-and there you just reverted your UI modification

why ? because there was two "arrange panels" settings windows open, you modified the arrangement on the last one, but that didn't change the first "arrange panels/configure layout" settings, therefore clicking save on that last one reverts any changes you made

now... this is relatively minor, I mean I got trapped by this once, I won't be trapped again ;) also the user should probably just cancel the last two windows  (but if he made modifications on the 3 of those he might be confused as to where & when to save...)

suggestion : restrict "layout/arrange panels" windows to only 1 open at a time, meaning when you click on arrange panels at "step 3" the "step 1" window should be brought up again ???

note: other ways could probably be thought of, if you deem the "issue" worth it.

Questions / [solved]switch from music bee 2.5 to music bee 3
« on: July 04, 2016, 12:32:53 PM »
so I read the update notes for switching from 2.5 to 3
I was wondering if you can install both of them on the same machine without problems ?

reason  I want to try out music bee 3 to see if I can set it up like my custom configuration of music bee 2.5
then I'll uninstall music bee 2.5 if I'm satisfied, otherwise I'll uninstall music bee 3

Is it possible ? can there be any problem with the database with such a configuration ?

Questions / virtual tags & rating
« on: June 25, 2016, 09:45:25 PM »
so I like the view : "Album & Tracks" a lot  it's my main view
I use the fields : "Album,Year,Genre,Date Added,Album Rating,Comment" next to each album
now there's a lot of space beside year & album rating
so I was wondering on a virtual tag to combine both to make them to occupy a single line
I've tried : "<Year><Album Rating>"
but it doesn't display the stars of the album rating, I searched but found no results on how to do this.
Any tips ?


Bug Reports / CDRIP : volume analysis fail
« on: June 25, 2016, 07:11:06 PM »
sometimes the CDRIP process goes through a bunch of tracks and at the end you'll get the message "volume analysis failed" & couldn't find "filename.fileextension"

what happens is that a specific track will have had errors (recovered or not), and the application will not have given the choice to "encode selected" for this track, despite the fact that it didn't encode it. hence it's missing a track & therefore throws the message "volume analysis failed"

when that happens there is two distinct cases:
-cases 1 : it suggested encode selected but didn't preselect some of the tracks that need encoding anyway : in this case the user doesn't have much way to know if a track was encoded or not (particularly the message "recovery done" sometimes leads to a file being encoded sometimes not as far as I could see)
-case 2 : it didn't suggest encode selected at all & just present "volume analysis failed" directly


I thought it would be great if you could have the option for
"the track ripping results to be automatically filled in one of the many custom tag fields"

reason :
I've been ripping a lot of scratched/damaged CDs lately from a relative collection as a service to him
however sometimes even though it completes, it's not always right

for example I got a CD that ripped just fine, (with a bit of difficulty though) but when playing it back the sound came out all garbled
and since I'm not verifying everything, it could go unnoticed. (hey come on! it's already a big service I'm giving him)

This example was pretty clear right away, however I would hazard that it is possible for a ripped track to have a couple of distorded sounds here & there, that you only hear if you listen closely to the whole track, but that afterward once you identified the errors could become annoying to the listener.
A custom tag holding the cd ripping results would therefore help identifying the cause (is it me ? is it my hearing ? is it my audio subsystem ?)
and maybe then act on the source of the issue (ask for a CD replacement to the publisher, buy a new CD, buy the track itself on the web....... )

Just saying.

Questions / CD Ripping : "Recovery done with 8 matching rereads"
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:02:45 PM »

Tested 2 times
When you have a difficult CD and get the "encode selected" button afterward
If there is a song with comment : "Recovery done with 8 matching rereads"
Then this particular song won't be checked for "encode selected"
Despite the fact that it's not encoded yet
(so clicking "encode selected" will miss that track)

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