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I am trying out the portable edition of MusicBee, not to keep on one device permanently eg musicbee on usb, but because I wish to occasionally move my portable player to another system,with both my library and podcast files together, eg for using on holiday.

Both the podcast and music library are held within the MusicBee folder. The podcast directory is kept as default, within the library.

After I move MusicBee portable to another computer, the library and podcast files play perfectly, but the podcasts are now out of order. If I click on the date tab (above the first song in the list of podcast file names) to re-arrange alphabetically, the list then shows from the bottom to top, but still garbled. If I remember correctly the first tab is 'release date' or similar. I cannot arrange the files by episode number correctly either.

I think the scan feature of MusicBee portable should perhaps also take into account podcasts, and arrange them accordingly.
Does anyone know if there a fix eg something to edit in any configuration file, in order for podcasts in this version of the player to arrange themselves? Thanks for any information :)

My drive has enough ram and is not in need of a defrag. This isn't a bug as such, but I have been testing musicbee with a few backed up mp3s, and have noticed that if I edit a tag ie write to the file whilst it also plays at a set point, it will sometimes have an error at that exact point that cannot be fixed (eg a small skip in the file).  Of course writing and playing a file at the same time is not a good idea to minimize any chance of issues and bad practice, but I am wondering how often this should really happen in any player that can tag edit, and if other factors might come into play to increase the chance of corruption? I am sure some people might edit tags whilst playing them and end up noticing a very slight skip in the file at a later date.

Could it be the way musicbee writes to a file combined with how my cpu handles playback? Perhaps before writing to a file musicbee could stop playing the file altogether to avoid any possible skipping issues. Please note that it does not happen often, but after editing tags and noticing a skip in one file, I tried deliberately creating a skip in others on purpose and know now that it is possible. Thanks for any info

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