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Questions / Something causing volume leveling?
« on: November 28, 2022, 04:23:49 AM »
This is hard to describe, but recently something seems to be limiting the volume of my tracks in MusicBee. It is most noticeable if I start playing a song loudly and then seek to the middle of the track. The volume will suddenly drop to a lower level. If I restart the application, the problem usually goes away but then comes back after a few tracks.

I have my output set to DirectSound but I have also tried WASAPI and I get the same result. I have no replay gain tags on any of my tracks and this issue does not seem to occur if I play the files in VLC. I am running Windows 11 so it is possible that this is something being caused by Windows but I cannot figure out what.

Can anyone give me any ideas of what could be causing this? Thank you!

General Discussions / Tagging Song Covers
« on: June 12, 2020, 01:38:16 AM »
Does anyone use a certain tag to track renditions of songs by other artists. For example, "Killing Me Softly" was originally recorded by Lori Lieberman in 1972, so on the Roberta Flack version of the song, I have the following tags.

Original Artist: Lori Lieberman
Original Album: Lori Lieberman
Original Year: 1972

It has recently come to my attention that some people use these tags in a different way (see this thread, where I asked the same question).

Just wondering how other people use these tags and how they tag cover versions, if at all.

Questions / Dragging music from Inbox to Library
« on: October 29, 2019, 11:37:08 PM »
In previous versions of MusicBee, when I dragged a song from my Inbox to my Library, the file was moved into the Library and deleted from the Inbox. Recently, dragging from Inbox to Library only copies the file. Is there a setting to change this back?

Edit: It seems like this change was intentional. If I drag to the library using the sidebar, the hover text says "Auto-Organize to Files to Music Library". I was previously dragging it to a header tab, where it says "Copy to Music Library".

Bug Reports / Auto-organise fake changes
« on: December 19, 2017, 10:45:09 AM »
I think a change was recently made to the library auto-organise function because when I opened up my settings and clicked Organisation, I had a ton of files that did not match my rules that had to be re-organised. The changes mostly seemed to have to do with capitalization.

Now, every time I click on the Organise button, there are about 15 files that need to be re-named. Mostly the change is just adding an _1 to the end of the filename for seemingly no reason. When I click Proceed, it doesn't actually re-name any files and when I open the list again, there is a different list of files for the same change.

This is my naming template: <Album Artist>\$IsNull(<Album>,,<Album>\)$IsNull(<Disc-Track #>,<Title>,<Disc-Track #>" "<Title>)

Bug Reports / Static playlist settings keep changing back to default
« on: March 06, 2017, 11:01:19 PM »
I have all of my static playlists customized with descriptions, custom displayed fields and specific display views. They also all export static copies. I can't figure out what triggers it but I keep opening them and finding that they have completely reverted back to default settings. It doesn't happen every time, and it's not all of the playlists. I just notice a few here and there.

Sorry, I don't have any more details so I understand if nothing can be done at this time.

Bug Reports / Playlists missing from Playlist tag after being moved
« on: October 05, 2016, 04:28:44 AM »
Something happened where all of the playlists under one of my playlist folders were moved to another folder. I'm not sure how it happened but I simply fixed it by manually navigating to the MusicBee folder and moving the back.

Everything appears to be back to normal except for now these playlists are no longer listed under the Playlist column for songs that are contained in them. Is there a way to trigger this field to re-scan the playlists without having to re-create all of them?

Bug Reports / Search Issues
« on: May 12, 2016, 04:20:39 AM »
There are a couple of issues that I have noticed with the search box in v3.0. I will try and explain them.

1. Press CTRL+F, enter a search string and change focus back to the library. Press CTRL+F again. The cursor will begin typing at the end of the existing string. The old behavior was to highlight the existing search string so that it could quickly be overwritten.

2. Press CTRL+F, enter a search string (Eminem) and change focus back to the library. Press CTRL+F again and enter a different search string (Lil Wayne). Go to another tab and delete a file or move a file. Return back to the original tab and the search box will now contain the original search (Eminem) instead of the most recent one.

Bug Reports / Now Playing list album artwork list flickering
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:24:47 PM »
After having MusicBee open for a few minutes, the a/bum artwork in the Now Playing list docked on the right-side of my window starts blinking. It doesn't stop until I close and re-open MusicBee.

Skins / Split TrackPosition
« on: January 03, 2016, 07:03:03 AM »
This is a long shot because I don't know if anyone else uses the PlayerSplitProgressYOffset element, but if so does anyone know if it's possible to use the element with the track position above the progress bar instead of in line with it?

Current Track Position

Mockup of Preferred Track Position

Thank you.

Localization / American English Translation
« on: July 08, 2015, 03:07:10 AM »
I have updated my translation file for American English. This isn't really a translation because it is only minor changes but they make a difference for me. Below is a list of words that I have changed (to their proper spelling). Please let me know if you find any that I have missed.

English (US) Download

Analyse > Analyze
Authorise > Authorize
Capitalise > Capitalize
Categorise > Categorize
Colour > Color
Customise > Customize
Equaliser > Equalizer
Finalise > Finalize
Initialise > Initialize
Minimise > Minimize
Neigbour > Neighbor
Normalise > Normalize
Organise > Organize
Recognise > Recognize
Synchronise > Synchronize
Theatre > Theater
Visualiser > Visualizer

Last updated: 04/10/2016

MusicBee Wishlist / Pop out tabs (Multiple windows)
« on: June 18, 2015, 08:05:43 PM »
I have no idea if this would be difficult to do or not but it would be useful for me to be able to see multiple tabs at once instead of flipping back and forth. I would like tabs to be able to "pop out" into separate windows. The separate windows wouldn't have any controls on them, just the main panel view of what is on that tab.

Questions / Auto-Tag Genre Only
« on: August 16, 2014, 02:38:30 PM »
Is there any way to Auto-Tag by Album and only update a single tag such as Genre? When I do this, even if I unselect everything else, it still updates the  Track Name. I would use the Auto-Tag by Track feature but it seems to use MusicBrainz as the tag provider regardless of my settings in Tags (2).

Skins / Track position not moving and text getting cut off
« on: January 19, 2014, 08:03:49 PM »
It's been a while since I've done any skin customization but I am trying to update my beeTunes skin. It is far from done so please excuse the incomplete elements. I am having a problem with the track position numbers not showing up where I specify them and the bottom of the track text getting cut off. The strange thing about the text is that if I move it up higher, it gets more cut off, but if I move it down, it is cut off less. For the numbers, no matter what offset I put, they end up where they are in the screenshot.

Both elements look fine in SkinCreator.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- the "parent" attribute is used when pre-rendering elements that have the alpha colour channel set eg. parent="TrackInfoPanel" will pre-render the element using the track info panel colours -->
<!-- each images node can have up to 3 images - 1. default (required) 2. highlight (mouseover) 3. disabled. If highlight or disabled are not provided, the default image is used -->
<!-- for some elements, multiple sets of images are required, split into categories eg. the track info panel requires left, middle and right side images -->
<!-- MusicBee can resize the player panel depending on the font used, and whether 'enlarge progress bar' is enabled and as such MusicBee stretches certain images (panel background, track info panel, progress bar). The StetchY1 and StretchY2 attributes tell MusicBee which part of the image can be stretched eg. usually you want the border area of an image to remain "sharp" and not be stretched eg. StretchY1="4" StretchY2="2" means stretch the area starting from 4px and height-2 of the image -->

<root sourceSkin="Source">
<element id="Panel">
  <images stretchY1="1" stretchY2="0"

<element id="PrevTrackButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="37" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <!-- musicbee draws the |<< icon in the centre of this image. The colours for the musicbee drawn icon are determined from the skin file -->
  <images drawPlayButton="false"

<element id="PlayPauseButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="84" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <!-- musicbee draws the > or || icon in the centre of this image if drawPlayButton="True" -->
  <images category="Play" drawPlayButton="false"
  <!-- if drawPlayButton="false" then you need to provide an image for Pause -->
  <images category="Pause" drawPlayButton="false"

<element id="NextTrackButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="124" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <!-- musicbee draws the >>| icon in the centre of this image if drawPlayButton="True" -->
  <images drawPlayButton="false"

<element id="StopTrackButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="-100" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="-100" />
  <!-- musicbee draws the [] icon in the centre of this image if drawPlayButton="True" -->
  <images drawPlayButton="false"

<element id="Speaker" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="-100" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="-100" />
  <images category="MuteOff"
  <images category="MuteOn"

<element id="VolumeSlidebar" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="165" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="Slidebar"
  <images category="Button"

<element id="TrackInfoPanel" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="288" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.Top" offset="4" />
  <right relativeTo="Panel.Right" offset="-288" />
  <bottom relativeTo="Panel.Bottom" offset="-2" />
  <images category="Left" stretchY1="3" stretchY2="4"
  <images category="Middle"
  <images category="Right"

<element id="Spectrum" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Left" offset="12" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Top" offset="6" />
  <!-- for now the spectrum area needs to be 32px wide -->
  <right relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Left" offset="44" />
  <bottom relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Bottom" offset="-5" />

<element id="TrackInfoButton" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="Panel.Left" offset="-100" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackText.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />

<element id="TrackText" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Left" offset="60" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Top" offset="10" />
  <right relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Right" offset="-60" />
  <!-- bottom will be computed at runtime depending on the font used -->

<element id="TrackLove" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackRating.Left" offset="-21" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackText.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="NotLoved"
  <images category="Loved"

<element id="TrackRating" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Left" offset="100" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackText.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />

<element id="TrackPosition" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Right" offset="0" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackText.VerticalCenter" offset="22" />

<element id="ProgressBar" parent="TrackInfoPanel">
  <left relativeTo="Spectrum.Right" offset="50" />
  <top relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Bottom" offset="-20" />
  <right relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Right" offset="-50" />
  <bottom relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Bottom" offset="-7" />
  <bufferingMargin top="4" bottom="2" left="1" right="1" />
  <images category="Background" stretchY1="5" stretchY2="2" stretchX1="2" stretchX2="0"
  <images category="Filler"
  <!-- remove this node if the progress bar will not have a button -->
  <images category="Button"

<element id="EqualiserButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="TrackInfoPanel.Right" offset="40" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="Off"
  <images category="On"

<element id="LastFmButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="EqualiserButton.Right" offset="4" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="Off"
  <images category="On"
  <images category="Error"

<element id="RepeatButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="LastFmButton.Right" offset="4" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="Off"
  <images category="On"
  <images category="One"

<element id="ShuffleButton" parent="Panel">
  <left relativeTo="RepeatButton.Right" offset="4" />
  <top relativeTo="Panel.VerticalCenter" offset="0" />
  <images category="Off"
  <images category="On"
  <images category="AutoDJ"

<!-- spectrum, love and rating can be hidden by user preference - when an element is located relative to one of these (hidden) elements, the following rules specify which element should be used instead for the relative reference -->
<!-- the offsetAdjustment attribute enables you to tweak the offset of the dependee element eg. if TrackInfoButton depends of Spectrum with an offset of 15, when Spectrum is hidden TrackInfoButton is placed relative to TrackInfoPanel.Left with offset 8 (15-7)  using the rule below -->
<replacementElement id="Spectrum" replaceWith="TrackInfoPanel.Left" offsetAdjustment="-7" />
<replacementElement id="TrackLove" replaceWith="TrackRating.Left" offsetAdjustment="0" />
<replacementElement id="TrackRating" replaceWith="TrackPosition.Left" offsetAdjustment="0" />

MusicBee Wishlist / Vertical Thumbnail Browser Genre File Naming
« on: January 08, 2014, 02:25:54 AM »
For the vertical thumbnail browser, when I set the category to Genre, and have image files stored in Program Files\MusicBee\Icons\Genres, is there any way to name files for genres that contain illegal characters?

For example, for the genre Hip-Hop/Rap, can I have a file Hip-HopRap.jpg or Hip-Hop-Rap.jpg?

Tips and Tricks / How-to Fix Inconsistent Date Formatting
« on: January 04, 2014, 07:37:21 PM »
If your library is like mine and has files with dates formatted in different ways, here are settings to use with boroda's Advanced Tagging Tools plugin to correct that.

Here are the search and replace settings to go from either format to the other. They can easily be modified to work with other date formats if necessary.

Big-Endian to Middle-Endian (YYYY-MM-DD to MM/DD/YYYY)

Middle-Endian to Big-Endian (MM/DD/YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD)

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