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MusicBee v3.1.6512.37408 (Win6.1), 11 Jan 2018 14:59:

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Rename a music file in windows explorer
Find the track in MusicBee music tab / search tab / playlist tab (doesn't matter which)
Ctrl + S = "The following files no longer exist at their location... remove them from library?"
Select NO
Double click the missing file to trigger a locate missing file window
Error occurs


OS: Windows 7 home premium
MusicBee: 3.1.6512

I do a LOT of file re-location and never seen this error before... at least until I installed this version of MB a few days ago

I just upgraded from a very old version of MusicBee.

Let's imagine I have 5 tabs open. I will list them from left to right:

Computer folder
Playlist manager
Playlist folder

On the latest version of MusicBee, only the Computer folder will make the left sidebar jump.

On the old version of MusicBee, when I clicked ANY of these tabs, it would make the left sidebar jump.

It seems that a special exception has been made for computer folders... this is no good for me. I want sidebar to jump when I press any kind of tab, not just a computer folder.

I searched the preferences, but couldn't find any options related to this... please help

Questions / WASAPI / BSOD issues
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:55:51 PM »
I've experienced some blue screen crashes while using my NS7II USB mixer as a WASAPI audio device in MusicBee. I only use my mixer to hear 2 programs: Serato DJ and MusicBee. Windows sound and everything else uses my on-board sound-card by default.

I'm not sure if Serato DJ uses directsound, ASIO or WASAPI. however, if both Serato DJ and MusicBee are running, and MusicBee is using my mixer as a WASAPI device, this often leads to blue screen crashes. the crashes don't occur immediately. they usually happen when I close down the programs or switch between audio devices in MusicBee's preferences.

since this started happening, I tried using my mixer as an ASIO device in MusicBee. so far, no crashes have occurred.

can anyone explain why this was happening?

in the configuration.xml, 'Initial Key' is looking for "INITIAL KEY" in FLAC files. FLAC files use "INITIALKEY" without a space. the work-around at the moment is to create a new custom tag for FLAC keys, or edit the config file.

Questions / Custom tag for key notation
« on: May 12, 2016, 07:14:58 AM »
I use Mixed In Key for tagging keys to FLAC & mp3 files.

If I select an mp3 file from windows explorer, go to properties, then ID-Tag, I can see that the key definition is "Initial key". in the FLAC file properties, the key definition is "INITIALKEY" (no space).

I created a custom tag in MusicBee. I want this tag to represent the key value of both mp3 and FLAC files. but for some reason, only the FLAC files display the key value in my custom column. I tried changing the id3 to "TKEY", but that didn't work. the definition "%Initial key%" works just fine in foobar.


Questions / playlists and file paths
« on: September 06, 2014, 06:31:10 PM »
hi MusicBee forums,

I have a very large music collection spanning multiple external hard-drives. I want to keep my files organized by genre. I might store all my soul/funk and disco on one drive, all my jazz and heavy metal on another drive. but eventually, the jazz/metal drive becomes full

so I move all my jazz to a new drive and keep the old drive dedicated to heavy metal. OK, now there is plenty of empty space on each drive for new jazz and metal albums. problem is, how do I preserve my playlists that included jazz tracks? all the files paths will change. MusicBee won't recognize them anymore.

is this unavoidable? or can I make MusicBee rescan a new drive specifically for those missing jazz tracks in my playlists?

I read that MusicBee can preserve music library files when the drive letter changes, so long as the directory structure of the drive remains the same. is there a way to preserve playlists using this feature?

by the way, all my playlists stored as mbp files. how do mbp files differ (if at all) from m3u files when it comes to playlists/file paths?

really appreciate any suggestions. thanks!

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