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I use musicbee since a long time. I also use it for organizing my DJ playlists. All the DJ Programs work with Itunes, so the option to have a itunes xml export is neat. Unfortunatly, the track order inside of the playlists is not working. This is annoying, because i have to do the sorting by hand again...
I hope its possible to fix :):)

Gr Nixander


right now I am streaming music via Music via my Synlology NAS to my phone when I am on the go!
I can also use the musicbee plalists which is great BUT it only works with "external playlists" because the filepath needs to be relative.
This means, I have to export every playlist manually everytime i make a change to the playlist. There is the option for exporting external playlists automatically, but that only works for smart playlists.  I use more than 50 playlists and update then regularly, which is a pain to export manually evertime.
I wish one of following features, so that playists are synchronized automatically

- an option, to make the filepath of the standard playlists a relative filepath (this option would be much better, as one could edit playlists on the go on the smartphone via two-way synchronization).
- or have an option, to automatically export all playlists when changes are made (also for non-smart playlists)

This way, together with the synology NAS - and I guess with many other music streaming servers, it would be possible to easily access current playlists on the go.

Thank you so much!

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a possibility to delete tracks in my mb library when I listen to my library via my smartphone.

I want to listen to tracks in my inbox (while I am commuting: with my smartphone) and decide, which one I want to keep and which one I want to delete.

I have a media server at home. Maybe a possibility with two way sync is possible to... For example moving tracks which should be delete to a specific playlist?

Maybe anyone has good ideas :)

Thank you very much!

Questions / Easiest way for Genre / Genre Category / Subgenre Tagging
« on: April 07, 2021, 09:16:03 PM »
Hello Everyone and sorry for my bad English,

i would like to know what is the easiest way to tag genre / subgenre and category. Is it possible to automate this process? so that I enter subgenre, and genre and genre category are entered automatically?
Or is it possible to tag songs genre via discogs? I have around 3000 songs which need tagging. And I would like them to have at least genre and genre category.
What would be the best workflow?

Thank you very much!


I recently moved my music collection to another drive and used "Remap Music Folders" to tell MusicBee about it. The music plays properly. When I try to edit a track, however, after I press OK, I'm told "File not found at expected location" followed by the file name. The "Modified Date" field shows that the track updated, but it doesn't reflect the changes that I made. I've confirmed that the files are at the location that the edit window's Properties > Location" expects to find them.

I  just copied this thead below, because my englisch is not good. But I have exactly the same problem after relocating my library.

I am on vacation right now and have a lot of time for tagging :) A fix would be awesome!!

Best regards

Hi Steve!
I was very excited when I read about musicbees new soundcloud search update on my favourit blog ( NICE WORK!!!!

Some suggestions:

1) It would be nice to have the soundcloud search integrated in the normal searchfield (not within the field "Internet").  --> Maybe like a soundcloud section under the regular search results
- When I search for a song and realize that I dont have it on my computer yet, I could still play it directly from the search window (It would be nice to also have youtube results listed there).
- Also, one could check his harddrive collection vs, available songs of the artist

2) It would be nice to use the autoplaylist feature of soundcloud which is very very very  good in my opinion. Maybe it could be integrated in musicbees autoplaylist (like the lastfm autoplaylist feature?)

3) It would be nice to add ones soundcloud profile to play the favourite songs (connected to ones account) via musicbee

Hi Steve,
Because of the restriction to map a gerne to 1 specific genre category I startet to make my own custom tag "custom_genrecategory" where i have to tag "custom_genrecategory" for every song in  my library

For example: genre "Ambient" appears now in "custom_genrecategory" in the categorys "Electronic Music" and in "Chill Out" and it works perfectly.

The Problem:

I really want this process to be automatized because it is soooooo much work. I have to tag all  my songs and If I change a genre I have to change "custom_genrecategory" by hand and with 8000+ songs it is impossible to do :(

I requested this long time ago but you replied that it would be complicated with the different mapping. But with my custom tag it works perfectly so maybe you could look at it again? :)

it would be great. I have a big music collection, mostly single songs, and its impossible for me to find them back via the artist browser (3000+ artist), so i really depend on a perfect genre organizing for finding songs back.  And as genre limits are very dynamic its hard to map the genres to just one genre-category.

I would be very happy with another automized workaround too :) Jus tan automatization pleaseeee :)

Have a nice day

MusicBee Wishlist / Display multiple genres instead of "+"
« on: April 14, 2012, 12:41:52 AM »
Hi Steve,
i would really like to see an option to see multiple genres in the mainpanel. Now, the genre field shows for multiple genres "first genre" with a "+".
I think its much more convinient to show the multiple genres instead of shorten them... therfore i label them, to see the label.  Also it would be great to choose the symbol which seperates the two genres like ; or / or -  .

MusicBee Wishlist / Change tag "date added" for albums
« on: January 27, 2012, 01:11:33 PM »
hi steve
When i reorganize my folder structure on my computer, i have to re-add old albums sometimes, which then appear in the "recently added" playlist of musicbee. because they re not actually a new albums, i dont want them to appear in this playlist. I could change the "date added" tag for each song in the album but that much work sometimes. It would be great if i could change the "date added" tag of the whole album

Hi steve,
i would like to exclude albums or tracks  in autoplaylists just by right-clicking on them. So musicbee automatically adds an exception (restrictions > exceptions) to the autoplaylist with the album name/track name :)

Hi Steve,
In the Artwork view it would be great if Music Bee  showed the album-artwork when there is no artist-artwork and vice versa :) I hate it when my Library looks "incomplete" :)
Then the artwork view would be much prettier.

MusicBee Wishlist / Artist information in Sidebars
« on: May 01, 2011, 12:09:19 AM »
1) it would be greate if i would be able to have the artist information in the left or right sidebar like track information or lyrics

2) it would be great if lyrics, track information and (artist information) could also be located in the left sidebar

Hi Steve!
Hi Steve,
here is another wish for my "less space | more information" idea ;)

I photoshopped a bit to make the album and tracks view better!

Uploaded with

below in the image us the photshop version

what i changed:

- I moved the artist names (in the picture is now 2 times the artist name... :/ i forgot to delete the right one)
- made the space between the grey line smaller
- moved album art to 2nd column

What do you think... I think his layout provides a much better overview, especially for libraries with many single songs without loosing the beaty of album artwork

:) nixander

First i want to say that MB is the fucking best player i have ever used (and i tried many ;) ), and i have big respect for your delevelopent skills!

heres my wish/problem:

I love to see artwork + song information but I have many single tracks in my library . Therefore I have in the "album and tracks" view a really bad overview over my library  when i see 3 albums with only one song in every album. I would really like to see the the artwork only for albums wich contain for example 3 songs. It would be great if i could determine the minimum number of tracks until artwork is shown in the MB library (like in itunes 10).

For getting as much artwork as possible combined with much overview/information it would be also great if i would be able to make the artwork in the "album and tracks" view even smaller than its minimum size and even the space between 2 artists smaller (the red marked area: )

A lot of wishes :) Thank you

Sorry for my english

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