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Hello all,
I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has for the following.
I currently store the highest position a song charted at in the "Comments" field of FLACs and MP3s.  This has become problematic for several reasons
not the least of which is, this is a numeric value stored in a text field.

Has anyone solved a similar problem or have any suggestions for a better solution?

My music collection is on D:\FLACs and stored as flac files.
I use MiniLyrics, primarily, to retrieve lyrics and save them in D:\Lyrics
I use the "minilyrics for musicbee" and "minilyrics helper" plugins.
MiniLyrics is configured to download lyrics to D:\Lyrics and NOT embed lyrics into the music files. 
MB preferences in Tags (2), auto-tagging, nothing is checked.
All is fine with the flac collection.  Lyrics are more or less working as I expect.

The problem is when I use MB format converter to convert flacs to MP3s.  After the conversion the mp3 files contain embedded lyrics.
This is confirmed using the Tag Inspector.  The only way to avoid embedding lyrics into converted mp3s is to rename D:\Lyrics to
some other name. I assume this keeps MB from finding the lyrics and embedding them.

Is this strange behavior or am I doing something wrong?

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