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Questions / Suggestions about a wireless speaker
« on: August 09, 2016, 01:57:00 PM »
Hallo Bees. I'd love to get your suggestions to buy a wireless speaker/speakers for my home. This is how I listen the music right now:
MUSICBEE (with my huge collection, auto-playlists, star scored, etc.) running on a MICROATX-PC in my living room. Portable Musicbee, library, songs, playlists are all on my NAS. Optical cable goes from the PC to my LOGITECH Z906 5.1 speaker system.
I'm pretty happy of this combination, and usually my PC is always on. I connect to it with TeamViewer from other PCs or from my android phone, so I can start/stop music etc.

This is a good solution when I'm near the living room, 'cause I can listen the music, if I pump the volume up enough... but, of course, when I'm pretty distant (garden, bedroom) the thing becomes awkward. So, I'd love to add a wireless (wifi?) speaker to listen my songs. I don't like the idea to use other software or to continually export songs/playlist to another system, so, PROBABLY, I just need a kind of wireless speaker and a system to broadcast my audio-out stream to it. OR MAYBE I'm completely off road, and there are better systems that I ignore.
So, this is why I'm asking to you: probably someone has the same situation of mine. How did you solved it?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I'm not interested in a specific model (I know, there are a lot of brands / prices) while I'd still love to hear your considerations about a model you are particularly happy of. I'm more interested in the technology / plugins / additional software you chose to archive the goal.

Questions / Problem with Playlists Path
« on: August 09, 2016, 12:39:35 PM »
Hallo Bees!
I have a problem with my playlists. It's a smaller one (and I don't know if you can see it as a bug), I'll explain it with an example.
I have MusicBee portable, patched. I keep it in a folder of my NAS, so I hope to use it from various PCs around the net (of course, one at time).
Ok, when I create a new Auto-PlayList, and I choose a rule that refers to another playlist, this is what I see:
As you can see, the dropdown button show me the playlist path, starting from \\\etc.etc.
But the path is (not so) long, so I can't actually see the playlist name!

Well, when I actually choose one of them, then I can finally see the name, but of course trying to guess the right one isn't a good way to use it.
So, is it a problem of mine version? Can I make something to fix it? (I tried to choose "use relative file paths" in Preferences>Library, but nothing changed (and of course I'm not sure that option could be useful or not, with my Portable version).

I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance.

Questions / Track Information doesn't resize correctly [solved]
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:42:37 PM »
Hi people.
I'm toying with the new v.3 edition, actually I have the portable edition patched with 29/05/16 executable.
In the Track Information settings (Configure Layout > Right Sidebar) I removed the checkmarks, because I like to have all the standard 3 sections active, together (Playing Tracks, Lyrics, and Track Information).
Ok, usually the album image is shown under (or before) the various track informations, but I tried to change it in the [...] option, putting "Show Artwork left of Fields". The thing is working, BUT the whole dimension of that panel is not changing, ie. I have a lot of wasted space under the image and the information, and that is negatively impacting on the other panels (Playing Tracks and Lyrics) dimension.
Is there a way to resize the panel? Or is this a bug, and MusicBee doesn't resize it correctly?

I attach the screenshot, as you can see in the lower right portion I have a lot of wasted space that (I think) is usually occupied from the artwork when it's in its "expanded" shape. Now as you can see it's set to the left of the infos.

For comparison, here the same MusicBee with the standard artwork placement, as you can see the panel dimension stay the same:

Thanks in advance!

Hi people. I'm trying to better understand the MusicBee behavior. In particular, I'm interested in having a folder with all my music files, automatically organized, and another, different folder, when I put new "temporary" files, that seldom I let MusicBee check, so it can import in my organized folder.
I always used MusicBee this way, however now that I upgraded to v.3, I had some problem (maybe related to network paths, but this is another topic...). So I decided to "clean up the whole thing", keeping my library intact but re-building the physical folders, reorganizing the files, changing the naming structure etc.

Ok, here's the issue. I see different menu scattered around MusicBee, and I'm not sure how I have to use them.
What is this operation? From what I can understand, every (music) file the software finds in the DRIVE that is specified (no subfolders), it's copied into another drive/folder as I can specify in the TO FOLDER box. Correct?
2 - In FILES > ORGANIZE FILES I find another similar to the former menu. What differences there are between the two menus?
3 - In FILES > SCAN FOLDERS FOR NEW FILES I can specify a path. If MusicBee finds (music) files in that folder, it adds to my Library. Does it physically copy the files into my auto-organized folder? I need to be sure of it (in the older version it was true), and eventually I'd love to understand what other option I need to check to tell MusicBee to do that (in the aforementioned menu, I see no check box that tells me "copy/move the files into your music folder".
4 - In FILES > LIBRARY > REMAP MUSIC FOLDERS I have other options for moving my main music folder (I think), however the text in the menu tells me that MusicBee doesn't move the files into the new location (??). So what I need this menu for? Why I can simply set new path into menu 1 or 2 that I described before? Why I need to create a new folder, manually moving all the files, then go into this menu, change the path, and then what? I need to go into other menus to tell again MusicBee that the new folder is my main folder and that I want it auto-organized?
5 - In TOOLS > ADVANCED > RESCAN ALL FILES I have the possibility to make a full rescan of my auto-organized folder (I think). The question here is: why I should do this, if MusicBee should already check that folder and auto-organize the files? Maybe because if I (for example) go thru windows explorer and I delete some music file, MusicBee cannot check this operation, so it can't understand that I removed some file? But if it's keeping my main music folder organized, why it shouldn't feel the changes in it? Or maybe this is an emergency tool just in rare weird-behavior-cases?

Thanks a lot for the attention, I hope you can help me to clarify my mind, actually I feel very confused. Also, I think I'm not the only one with all those doubts about the matter.

Bug Reports / Organize library files
« on: May 23, 2016, 10:47:03 AM »
I updated musicbee to v.3 (also patched with the latest zip version today).
Usually I keep my library and my music folder (auto organized by musicbee) in my NAS on my network. Until v2.5xxx I had no problem.
Now, if I go in Preferences > Library [v] Auto-organize media files > Organization
I see:
move: Music on drive: \\NASQNAP\ to folder: \\NASQNAP\Multimedia\musica\
The informations here are correct. If I click on [...] and I reselect the folder from the selection menu, I find no problems, I can browse the folder, then I click [Select], I get an error windows that says "Drive or network share '\\NASQNAP\' does not exist.

This is quite strange, I never got that error before.

Bug Reports / Scan folder for new file error
« on: May 23, 2016, 10:31:05 AM »
After I installed the v.3 version, I get "errors during the scan files". The error window tells me to watch the Log in View>Error Log menu. But I can't find that menu, so I can't guess what is going wrong.
I patched it with the latest version today, still I have this issue.

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