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Bug Reports / Sorting main panel syncs between tabs only partly
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:41:42 PM »
So, there is an inconsistency in applying sorting options in tabs. Let's say I have an example Tab A, Tab B and Tab C with all of them currently sorting by Album Title. If I then change the main panel sorting in Tab B to 'Year', it does NOT change the ordering in Tab A and Tab B, but when I check the sorting options in either tab, it show the option I had selected in Tab B, creating a discrepancy between the selected sorting option and the displayed sorting.

The curious thing, if I close Musicbee as is (with Tab B correctly sorted by Year and Tab A and C still being sorted by Album, yet showing Year as selected option) and then reopen musicbee, all tabs are suddenly sorted by Year.

I'm not sure if it's supposed or not supposed to apply sorting to all tabs. I'd personally prefer if it would be possible to set different sorting options in different tabs. Nevertheless, whether that's a feature-request or not, whatever it's supposed to do, it's kinda glitchy now anyway hence the bug report.

I'm using Musicbee 3.3.7491

MusicBee Wishlist / Windows Xbox Game Bar Musicbee widget/plugin
« on: July 27, 2020, 11:00:18 AM »
It would be cool if Musicbee would get a widget for the Xbox Game Bar.

The Xbox Game Bar is a feature in Windows 10 that can be opened by pressing windows+G. Since earlier this year, Microsoft has opened the system for third-party developers to add their own widgets.

One of the first third-party widgets was a Spotify widget to control Spotify music. I think it would be neat if Musicbee would have a widget in there too. To control music during games (though, it can also be used outside of games because windows+G always works).

For information about the SDK is here:

EDIT: I just realized I'm using an older version of Musicbee. I was under the assumption I updated it recently, but apparantly not. *facepalm* I'll check the new version out now and will report back.

EDIT2: updated Musicbee, both issues still persist. Updated the error message below.


I've got two bugs.
Both are in the happening in the 'Set Displayed Fields' window of the the Album and Tracks view.

Bug 1) I can't remove the Album column. I'm trying to drag it away, but it just stays where it is. I was wondering if it was working at all so I tried to drag other fields away which worked until...

Bug 2) I tried to drag Artwork away. Then a message popped up saying I can't remove Artwork in the Album and Tracks view. That's fine, that's logical, I didn't want to remove it anyway. But, when I click OK on the popup message, an error pops up:

MusicBee v3.2.6902.32258 (Win10.0), 8 dec 2018 11:34:

System.ObjectDisposedException: Geen toegang tot een verwijderd object.
Objectnaam: #=zTghIRFD2xAca.
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateHandle()
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.get_Handle()
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.PointToClientInternal(Point p)
   bij #=zCNx3yFx_BUe5JY4PuqRGsU4=.#=zTghIRFD2xAca.#=zhS4XbEN2YxGX(MouseEventArgs #=z$KSsGfQ=)
   bij #=zg1im_KvGVXKRBuLoTEGt5pU=.#=zPnlLYme$jChi.OnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs #=z$KSsGfQ=)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseMove(Message& m)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
   bij #=zFxeYQ0HSC3TKwmc1oLYDnxg=.WndProc(Message& #=z69xdAPc=)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

Bug Reports / A few errors
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:30:34 PM »
So, today I got 2 error messages quite quickly after each other.

First, I tried to edit the tags of a little over 3000 files. I've done this more often with Musicbee (but I should note that this was the first time with v3). 99.9% went well, but for a few (seemingly random files) I got an error message saying something along the lines of System.MemoryOutOfBound. It's probably not the exact message, I don't remember it too well. After it was done editing all the tags, I switched back to album-cover view and it was acting very weird. When I scrolled up nothing was wrong, but when I scrolled down, it would constantly replicate the bottom row of albums (the full row, so with covers, titles, artists etc.). After I restarted Musicbee, everything worked fine again, but I have the feeling it removed some album covers. I'm not 100% sure though, since I was in the middle of fixing all the tags (and missing covers).

Later today, I was using Musicbee when I got another random error message. I was switching a bit between the main Music tab and the Now Playing and Music Explorer tab. Nothing seemed to crash though, just this error message (my Windows is Dutch, so part of the message is Dutch):


MusicBee v3.0.5943.28605 (Win10.0), 18 apr 2016 19:20:

System.InvalidOperationException: Invoke of BeginInvoke kan niet op een besturingselement worden aangeroepen tot de vensterkoppeling is gemaakt.
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args)
   bij System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method)
   bij MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.#=qwTVg4WkyzuDa1PbldMiZ6ro1o7_Jt4PsMPaSUk3unaw=.#=q_yCV73T_m1jwM9WgD6qp_LP7p8OsDmgdNCDTBpHlO7E=(Object #=qxfymFlNQaCMeicxM7s2M5w==)


I know that this post is probably not that useful, but I thought I'd report it anyway, just in case ;)

Bug Reports / A few things/bugs regarding bluetooth headphones
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:49:47 PM »

A few days ago I bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the Sony XB950BT to be precise.
I've got 2 things that I noticed that I would qualify as bugs:
- The headphone has play/pause/stop and forward & backward buttons. The forward, backward and stop buttons work as they should in Musicbee. The play/pause however doesn't work. At first I thought it was a problem with Windows's driver, but the play/pause works fine in Windows 10's standard music player (Groove). So, I suppose the problem lays with Musicbee.
- This one is a little more vague, I need to do some more testing to find out what really is the problem. But, there is a certain combination of changing Windows's audio-output (disconnecting/connecting the headphones), Musicbee in the background/foreground and if there's either music playing or not. But, it makes Musicbee crash. As I said, I have to do some trial and error to see what the exact ingredients are for this crash, but it happened a bunch of times already since I got these headphones. I'll add a post here when I know more.

If you need any more info (besides the exact reason for the crash of course), let me know :)


MusicBee Wishlist / Library-bound layouts (multiple layouts)
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:02:52 AM »

I think I'm using MusicBee for a good 2 years already. and it's an amazing piece of software.
Recentely, I completely reorganized the way I manage my digital music collection. Part of that was to split my old musicbee-library in 2 libraries. One for all the normal albums and one for all kinds of loose songs, remixes and other random stuff.

Now, there's no problem with how Musicbee handles multiple libraries (before the reorganizing I didn't even knew that was possible, it's a very nice feature). However, I'd really like it to be possible to have library-bound layouts.

Let me give an example: I'd like my main library to have the album-cover layout together with 2 columns above with for example artist and album (a more graphical approach). While I'd like me other library to have the detail-view with other top columns (a more text-approach). Both layouts are perfectly possible with Musicbee, but when I switch libraries I have to manually edit the layout every time. That's quite annoying.

So, is it possible to have the layout change when I change libraries?

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