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Tips and Tricks / Re: How to install MusicBee Portable
« on: February 08, 2024, 12:22:33 AM »
How to install MusicBee Portable as packaged:

1.  Download the zip file from the "Get MusicBee Portable" button on the official download page.

2.  Unzip the file inside, currently "MusicBeePortable_3_5.exe."

3.  Double-click MusicBeePortable_3_5.exe (it is a self-extracting zip file) and in the dialog window that appears hit Next, and agree to the License terms.

4.  In the next window, "Choose install location", CHANGE the default destination folder to a new folder you've made that's not in the Windows Users or Program Files heirarchy;  choose something like "C:\MusicBee," or "C:\MB Portable."  This will help prevent problems with Windows "Permissions" issues.

5.  Hit "Install", then "Finish."  Now you can delete the downloaded file "MusicBeePortable_3_5.exe."

6.  The complete Portable MusicBee will now be properly installed in your new folder--ALL of its files and subfolders, and with no entries made to the Windows registry.  Note that now any backups of MusicBee you care to make can be done by simply copying that one folder elsewhere.  Run MusicBee by double-clicking the file "MusicBee.exe" now inside its folder that you made in Step #4.

Thanks. This was indeed helpful

Questions / Windows installation directrory
« on: February 07, 2024, 07:02:41 PM »
I noticed today that when I installed MB, it was placed in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\50072StevenMayall.MusicBee_3.5.8447.0_x86__kcr266et74avj\win32

Did I download the incorrect version of MB?  Can I move the directory to C:\programfiles without causing conflict with playlists, settings, etc? 

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