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Thank you for the quick fix! Works like a charm.

Questions / Album series
« on: November 20, 2023, 07:24:09 PM »
I am currently using
* the Grouping tag to specify album types (e.g., Studio, Single, Compilation, etc.);
* the Set Subtitle tag to group tracks within the same album (e.g., Act I, Bonus, B-Sides, etc.);
* the Media Type tag to specify the physical medium (e.g., Cassette, CD, Digital Media, etc.).
How does one typically specify album series in order to group different albums (e.g.,  Fargo Year 1 to 4, ‎Punk Goes Pop Vol. 1 to 7, etc.)?
Is there a physical tag (all my tracks are M4A files with AAC encoding) designated for or close to this specific purpose?

This functionality last worked in version 3.5.8447.
This functionality broke since version 3.5.8698 (latest version as of writing).

Going to Music Explorer for the Now Playing song with multiple languages directs to the corresponding multi-language panel. I cannot recall the original behavior, but this seems correct to me as opposed to selecting only one language. (It is, however, worth noting that one cannot go to a multi-language panel directly via the navigator afaik. The navigator only lists separate languages.)

Selecting a language in the navigator only shows albums containing at least one song in the given language only. In the below image, the navigator indicates that one album contains a song in Mandarin, but no album is listed, because the actual song is in English and Mandarin. This has changed between the aforementioned versions.

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