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Plugins / Re: Corsair LED Plugin
« on: January 16, 2023, 04:17:21 PM »
Hello! I'm having the same problem as Kasuyi! First I thought it's because the plugin is five years old and things obviously change, but Kasuyi had the same thing happen when it was new so perhaps there's a fix? I have the latest MB (downloaded from here, not from Microsoft Store) and I extracted the entirity of the zip file into Plugins. I have the SDK thingy enabled in iCUE and I've restarted both applications. I get the plugin to show up in MB but when clicking Enable I get the error message:

I'll try a PC restart and other common things I can think of, but other than that I'm not too great at finding the cause of problems. I'm better at running in to them! ;)
registered just to reply to you
you need to put all the files you have in MusicBee/Plugins/CorsairLED straight into MusicBee/Plugins ;D

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