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Thanks much Bee-liever for your kind explanation :-) Is there a chance I could get my hands on your 3.6.8830 P ?

"Queue Next" means play what I'm queueing next and "Queue Last" means play what I'm queuing last.  I'm not sure how it could be more intuitive.  How is it supposed to know that you don't mean "Next" literally?  What if someone did want to literally play the tracks they were selecting after whatever song was currently playing?  What would they select?

Hi frankz, I highlighted what I think is very important in what you said above. Yes, I agree with a single song you are quite correct. But since I had right-clicked a folder to "Play Now" it should play that entire folder before playing whatever is queued next. If I didn't want MusicBee to play that entire folder then I wouldn't (shouldn't) have right-clicked on the folder to "Play Now" but would have only played/queued certain songs in that folder. After all, we are in Folder Browser view :-) That's why I meant it wasn't intuitive. But it's cool, now I know to always select Queue Last for my usage. Thanks for the tip!

I cant reproduce this so try the latest patch version:
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files

Hi Sir Steven, thanks for your update but it's exhibiting the same behavior as v3.5.8711p. frankz's solution works but as I explained it doesn't seem to be very intuitive (?) unless I am missing something important :-)

Shouldn't you be using "Queue Last" if you want what you're queueing to be played after what's already in the queue?

Yes frankz, that works. I had never tried "Queue Last" until your post. But now I don't understand what the difference is between "Queue Next" and "Queue Last". Since I right-clicked on a folder and selected "Play Now" MusicBee should know to play that entire folder before heading on to play something else hence why I was right-clicking on "Queue Next" for the other folders. In what circumstance should I use "Queue Next" then? I can't think of any if it causes the rest of the entire folder to be skipped...

W10 & MusicBee v 3.5.8711p

Hi, in Folder Browser view, the bug is that we are unable to play an entire folder (in this case album) and then "queue next" the next folder (next album).  I attached two pics to better explain:

So in Pic 1 I want to play the entire folder of Nu Virgos 2001 album Popykta. So I right click on Popytka and select "Play Now". After that entire album plays (11 songs) I would then like for MusicBee to automatically play their 2004 album Stop! Stop! Stop" so I right click on the Stop! Stop! Stop! folder and select "Queue Next" (Pic 2). So you would think that these steps I took would enable for me to play the entire folder of Popykta followed by MusicBee then automatically playing the entire folder of Stop! Stop! Stop! but no, this doesn't happen. All that happens is Track 1 of Popytka plays and when that one first song of the Popytka folder finishes it jumps all the way to Track 1 of Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! bypassing all the rest of the tracks of Popytka.

So I request that this bug gets fixed by when we right click "Play Now" on a folder that the entire folder plays before moving on to the next queued item whether it be a folder or a single song. Thanks much for your time :-)

Mayibongwe, that sounds cool as long as that "confirmation "can also be turned off... we don't need to be asked every single time if we want to close MB to the tray :-)

Yes please, just today I have exited out of MusicBee twice due to inadvertent closing of the app even though all I wanted to do was minimize it to the taskbar. Old people need more options like this please for minimizing We just want the option to minimize TheBee when we press the Close Button, not mandatory behaviour :-)

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: (Request) One Click Show & Hide for the Main Window
« on: November 07, 2023, 01:20:24 PM »
Hope that the above request for system tray icon "One Click Show & Hide" option can be added in... Aimp & Winamp have (had) this and it's quite convenient. So basically how it works is you never have to have MusicBee in your Taskbar if you don't want to which is a great space saver. There would be an option under General Settings so you can left single click on the MusicBee system tray icon and the "Show Main Window" appears without anything appearing in the taskbar. Then you can left single click the MusicBee system tray icon again and the "Main Window" disappears :-)

The option could be called "One Click Show/Hide the Main Window" :-)  Please consider, Sir Steven :-)

Thanks so much :-) Now I can switch from AIMP to MusicBee. Really super, thanks again :-)

Sir Steven, I think I can explain it better with pictures. Yes, as you said, the last selected folder is indeed remembered under "Files" but it's not being shown as highlighted under "Folder View"  because after a restart "Folder View is all the way back to the top again.

This is what MusicBee looks like just before exiting :  On the left side "Rick Springfield - Greatest Hits" folder is highlighted under Folder View (left side) and all the songs are there in "Files" (right side)

Now after an exit and restart, it doesn't look like that anymore as you can see. The Folder View is all the way back to top again thus the highlighted Rick Springfield folder cannot be seen on the left side anymore. Yet all those songs are still there on the right side in Files thus a mismatch. MusicBee should be opening up the Folder View column exactly as where I left off, with the highlighted Rick Springfield folder on the left side and the songs to the right so your place (location) in Folder View can be easily seen and recognized. Sorry I am old, I hope I explained this well :-)

Hi again, I couldn't find a way to attach it here so I uploaded it to depositfiles... hope that is okay.

Hi Sir Steven, I see that you are updating your great MusicBee app again after a long hiatus... can you please fix the bug I wrote about in the original post in this thread? The bug is that MusicBee does not remember where you are (where you left off) in the "Folder View" between closing and reopening the app.  It always starts up all the way at top the top of "Folder View". It does remember where you left off in "Files" though but since it "forgets" where you left off in "Folder View" this creates a mismatch between "Folder View" and "Files".

Version 3.5.8698 P still does not work correctly.... thanks so much :-)

Hi, v3.5.8442 on Win10

Quick question please... I am a big fan of the "Folder Browser" view and have that set as left main panel and I have the main panel set as "Files". It works well enough until closing MusicBee and reopening it it forgets where you were on "Folder Browser" view and starts up all the way back up at the top. But interestingly enough the main "Files" panel does remember where you were and opens to those files where you left off before closing MB. This creates a mismatch because after restarting MB the left "Folder Browser" view is all the way up top at the beginning of the alphabet while the main Files panel shows music files from somewhere deep in your collection which have nothing to do with the left side "Folder Browser" view anymore. I hope I explained this clearly enough. Is there a setting that I am missing to have MB restart at the proper place where you left off in Folder Browser view? In other words open to the exact place where you left off?

Oh and how come in "Folder Browser" view when you left click on a little arrow next to a folder the arrow disappears and doesn't come back even after clicking on another folder? Am thinking this serves no purpose whatsoever and is just a bug? Only after an MB restart the arrows next to the folder names return. Weird...

 Thanks much :-)

MusicBee Wishlist / (Request) One Click Show & Hide for the Main Window
« on: November 23, 2022, 07:05:32 AM »
Hi guys, I realize Sir Steven is quite busy but perhaps this new "One Click Show & Hide" option could be added in somehow/someday :-)

I am requesting please an option to single click show & HIDE the main window when you click on the MB icon in the system tray. Basically right now the option exists to click the little bee icon in the system tray and main window appears but what I am requesting is that when you single click it again this time the MB main window disappears back into the system tray (right now that does nothing). Winamp has/had a dll plugin for this called "One Click Show & Hide"... it's very practical to be able to simply click that sys tray icon to see the window and then click it again for it to disappear without having to move the mouse pointer all the way up to the minimize button. Like I said, we already have the first part, we just need the second part (the hide part) added :-)

Also, I want to say thanks to the MB developers for making this fine app. I am really enjoying it now that Steven figured out it was a bug that was preventing my custom tabs from being saved.

Quite frankly, I don't understand why this is still being discussed. As others have said, the upper right corner X is Windows standard for eXiting an application. Users clicking the X expect the application to EXIT. Clicking on the minimize button will MINIMIZE the software. MB offers users four options when choosing to minimize the application. Preferences > General > application > minimize to.

This should really be the end of the discussion.

Because many people have already proven by requesting in this thread that they want the OPTION for more minimize/close options :-)

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