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Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: August 20, 2022, 05:52:39 AM »
So, I go back and follow BoringName's steps

I'm kind of amazed you were able to use it on android 12 with the app store version... anyway. Try putting 33 in this line of code instead of 32
if ((Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < Build.VERSION_CODES.N || Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 32) &&

If it still gives you the root error try 34.

Changing to 34 fixed it! Thanks so much!

In reading through this thread, I'm also amazed it continued to work for me on Android 12. I had installed and started using the app awhile ago (for sure when I was still on Android 11), but I only started using it again earlier this year, so maybe that somehow played a part in it? Regardless, I'm glad to get it's back working again. Thanks again for the help.

Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: August 20, 2022, 01:02:21 AM »
So I never had any issues with the Musicbee Wifi Sync app from the Play Store, even on Android 12. Reverse sync worked great with Poweramp, including play counts and ratings. I updated to Android 13 several days ago did several syncs with no issues -- until today.

Did a sync this morning and everything was fine. Tried another sync this afternoon and it was broken. I get the "Folder 'Music" is not valid" and "You must select the SD card root folder and not one of it's sub-folder" error (I'm using a Pixel 5, so it's internal storage, not SD). I can't select any folder on my phone that doesn't give that error now in the app. A wired sync still works fine from Musicbee on my desktop.

So, I go back and follow BoringName's steps and create the new apk that will hopefully give the app the right permissions. I created the apk and installed it just fine, including changing the settings in app permissions to allow all files,  but when I try to sync in the wifi app, I still get the same error message about the folder not being valid and am still unable to select a folder on my phone.

Anybody have any suggestions on what I try to fix this? Or is this something Android 13 broke and I'm powerless to fix? It's just so weird to me that I was still using the app just fine even after installing Android 13, and then for some reason, it just stopped working today.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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