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Quote from: VX on February 03, 2011, 11:47:01 AM
1. When I choose "Auto Select by Genre" from the list of available equalizer presets and enable the equalizer, the GUI of the equalizer remains flat no matter the genre of currently played track has changed.  Why it doesn't show currently used presets for every played track  ???

Answer: that is intentional - it could be confusing for people to see the values changing each time they open it

Reply: Not really confusing, what's confusing is not seeing it change. I want to see that eq working and not have to log onto a subdirectory in a forum that I'm constantly on because there are so many unecessary things happening with MB... that I can't help but wonder if the EQ's actually doing anything when it appeared not to be. This is a suggestion.

Yes I checked the enable equalizer box, so:
Is MB 'auto selecting by genre' like it should be and simply not showing the eq setting changes
Or it it just not working. It sounds to me like it's simply not working (eq settings remained flat)

I figured this out but the forum won't let me delete this question, so my new question is this: What's the point creating a library when there' already one on the drive and you can simply make different playlists?!? The option or requirement of that defeats whatever usefulness it could have in whatever case (who knows, the library's already on the hard drive!)

The program worked close to perfect on my old computer, but now
1] It won't let me make new playlists and continued giving me this error message:
Unable to create the playlist: The system cannot find the file specified.
When I try to make a new folder in the same menu as new playlist, I get this message so that it has something to read

I'm not looking for a file (ya dumb program), I'm looking to create one... that I understand isn't there yet (Nothing to read? No shit it won't let me create it!)

2] After I upload music it's gone after I reopen musicbee?!?
I don't understand wtf could be so confusing  for musicbee that it can't simply save the stuff where it's supposed to go on default and source it from where I specify, besides not deleting it every time that I close the program?!? It would be cool to know why this is happening, but I'm more interested in how to just get it to do what it was doing on my old computer (basically note of this trash)

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