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Questions / Re: Resampling question
« on: March 29, 2022, 03:52:03 PM »
I'm most of curious how you force your DAC to run at a fixed sample rate.
Most of the time this is done using the settings in the Win Audio panel.
The moment you use an exclusive mode (bypassing the win audio stack), you get automatic sample rate switching.
However, some ASIO interfaces might allow you to set a fixed sample rate.

Maybe the answer is in a recent post. by sveakul

If you are playing files with wasapi-exclusive that have sampling rates incompatible with your audio device, bass.dll will re-sample on the fly to a compatible rate.
Might apply to ASIO as well.

I use a Lynx aes16e (pcie card) to route diginal signal to and from my DAC. I guess MusicBee tries to command the Lynx to switch, but that doesn't work because the sampling rate is controlled by my DAC. I tried to manually switch in Lynx software but it won't switch.
Also, I noticed the sound quality is better when I turn on the resampling option than let it automatically resample.
Looks like it is doing what you are quoting but somehow at a lower quality.

Questions / Resampling question
« on: March 29, 2022, 08:53:05 AM »

I'm new to MusicBee but I like the app a lot. There's one thing that I wonder though. I have a DAC at 96kHz. I use ASIO as the output and it is exclusive and I have the resampling option turned off. But it is still possible to play 44kHz songsg. How is this possible when my DAC is running at 96kHz? It always sounds funny or not play at all when I try this in other apps.

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