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I have found a solution. With the same software, I can force MB to start minimized so MB launch on mini-player  :D

Questions / Always launch a playlist in random
« on: April 06, 2022, 04:37:58 PM »

How to always launch a playlist in random?

I have search on the forum, I know I can shuffle the list or chose play random. But I want it to be done automatically without having to click.

May be by writing something in the m3u ?


I have found the origin. I am using software Displayfusion to manage windows on my two screens. One setting is to launch all apps on the main screen instead of the last screen used.
When I disable it, MB launch correctly.
But I really need this function  :(


Please see my screencap on youtube (video does not have sound)

MB 3.4.8033
installed by the installer 3 months ago
on Windows 10 last update 21H1
No add-on.

The problem has been there since installation.


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