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Thank you. I already strated development. I use C# to develop.

Also, can I get all the data of a file when the selection changes? Screenreaders do not announce the file changes by themselves in Music Bee, I need to play a file one by one to listen. Can I get the selected item via event to broadcast information about it such as name, duration, tags, ETC?

Thank for your response. I will try to develop my extension now.

hello everyone,
Music Bee seems to be a great software and since I am blind I wish to make this software more usable by screenreader users. By default, the software is not very well accessible and it requires some special operation to work well, so I want to develop a special plug in which will convey information via speech.
Of course, this will not be fully viable solution as a more appropriate support would be required from the developer, but it is a good start.
My questions are as follows:
1. Can I register hotkeys in the plug in or I should write my own hotkey handle? If yes, any examples arround?
2. Can I retrieve lyrics text via the plug in interface?
With best regards,

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