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Portable Devices / Re: entire library is copied every time I sync
« on: July 20, 2021, 05:30:49 PM »
I don't know if this would be relevant to you but I had this same issue last week, though our problems might be different figured I'd throw my 2 cents in just in case it helps.

What was causing this problem for me is when I connected my phone to my computer my computer wouldn't recognize the device, nothing would show up in the explorer window, after some troubleshooting I switched my phone from a MTP device to a PTP device and suddenly my computer saw the device and let me access it's directories. I was able to sync no problem the first time but adding just 1 more song caused it to re-sync the entire library again, confused as to why it was doing this I opened my phones folders in windows explorer only to find no music files there but when I checked with my phones file manger they were all there. It took longer than I would like to say to find out my computer was showing nothing there because as a PTP device it only displayed picture files even if the music files were there, so when Musicbee went to sync that 1 additional song it saw the music directory was empty and started re-syncing everything again, my quick fix was to use the wifi sync as that bypasses if my computer can see the music files or not and have had no issues syncing since switching to wifi only.

Long story short when you connect your device make sure you can see the music files in windows explorer as if your computer can't see them musicbee can't either and will assume the folder is empty.

Is there an option somewhere in musicbee to search and move part of a tag into another tag. For example, in this screenshot would it be possible to automate moving the (Prod. By Jahosh) from the title to the composer tag

and if so, would it work similar to the search and replace function where I can select an entire album and have it move every (Prod. By XXXXX) to the composer tag. I would assume if this feature is built in it would need some string formatting to get it to do what I want as not every producer has the same number of characters in their name, I only have a basic understanding of Java but if it is possible I can try to figure it out, I just don't know where to look in Musicbee as I have only recently switched over to it.

Also for some reason when I go to my Now Playing tab which displays an embedded theatre mode it only shows me tracks on the album that have been rated, at least at first I thought it had something to do with if the tracks were rated or not as in this screenshot for Open Mike Eagles 4NML HSPTL it only displays the 3 tracks on the album I have rated while in the upcoming tracks section you can see that I have the entire album there.

I thought cool I don't know why it only displays rated tracks but at least I found out the problem but then I saw when I play Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 19 it shows every track on the album even if nothing is rated, at the same time when I try to play a God Is An Astronaut album with no tracks rated it displays nothing. I looked through the wiki and didn't find anything to help me there, any help here would be great as it's just puzzling me why it is doing this.

I have installed other Theatre mode addons and none of those ones have this problem it's only with "Rdio Style (embedded)" that this problem happens, only downside is Rdio Style (embedded) is my favourite looking theatre mode so I'd like to solve why this is happening.

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