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File tags before script:

File tags after script:

Hope this could help someone facing the same issue.

I've used the script suggested here


And it is working! Artists are show separately in artists view (in library). Though, the image is not corresponding to the artist, but I guess that's a detail.

I'll try to mess with some other scripting, see if I could even make it better (like the one suggest in the official MusicBee support pages HERE)

EDIT: NOPE, the official script from MusicBee works good with MusicBee but messes stuff a little with Mediamonkey and Kodi since it adds a "guest artist" tag and I suppose it is not well supported by other software (a simple guess here).

So, to sum up, my issue was that:
1 - MBP seemed to merge and put "Artist X feat. Artist Y" directly in the "ARTIST SORT ORDER" tag
2 - This tag made MusicBee create and show a new single artist with both artists names combined  (everytime a multiple artists songs was added)
3 - Using the script below in the scripting section of MBP, MusicBee was able to show separate artist in library view and not merge them into a single one.

And this did not seem to interfere with Mediamonkey or Kodi functionality!

Thanks for your support

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

The ARTIST tag is shown on the first image.

Tag Code: TPE1
Value: 50 Cent feat. Eminem.

I think we pinpointed the culprit. Now I need to find why Picard act this way (well, I guess that's the issue).

Do I need to use this script to resolve my issue?

The issue seems to come from "Artist Sort Order" tag

Wow, sorry! I'm trying to find a mediamanager that suits my needs. I'm testing MediaMonkey at the same time. My bad, I've put the wrong images (wrong software)

I'll edit my post in a few.  :-[

Everything has been tagged correctly using MBP, with semi columns as separators and id3v2.4 standard.

Here is an example of a file tags that does not show correctly in MusicBee:

And here is what I see in the file properties (with tag inspector)

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.


MAJOR EDIT: Replaced wrong images with good ones!

Same "issue", unfortunately.

Hi! Sorry if I'm not clear. Despite this is not what I listen to really (!), this is what I have in hands for the screenshot.

I would like separate artists there.


I'm sorry, very new to MusicBee. Went through many menus but couldn't find the "Other Tags->Artists: Artist" option.

May you tell me where is it located please?

Thanks again


I made some research but could not find the info. I used Musicbrainz Picard to tag my music files, using id3v2.4 and semi columns ";" to separate artists.

When I import my music in MusicBee and I sort by "artist", I see many "Artist X feat. Artist Y" instead of single artist name in the list. Album Artist are ok, but not Artist view itself.

What do I need to do (or option to check) to see separate artist in MusicBee, other than using the manual edit/split function on the song and split artists in 2.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Works flawless in Kodi when I import the files. I see single artist and no combined artists in Artist view so I guess my files are well tagged.
PPS: Sorry for my english, my native language is french.

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