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Tips and Tricks / Re: How to use the sub-grouping header
« on: October 13, 2020, 09:07:37 PM »
Hey I have a little issue which is mostly due to me being no good when it comes to scripting.
I set up my header to tag every disc with a simple "Disc 01, Disc 02 etc", and that works great.
But now I have a compilation with over 20 different albums and I'd like to combine it all into one, sorta like this.

"Album title"
"Artist (year)"

Disc 01 - Name of Disk 1
Disc 02 - Name of Disk 2


Problem is, I want all my other albums to stay the same as before. Meaning, it should only say "Disc 1", "Disc 2" etc.
I tried playing around with the <Original Album> tag to achieve this, but then all my other albums had "Disc 1 Unknown original album" instead of just "Disc1", so that obviously didn't work out.

I suppose there's an easy solution if I knew how to use the scrip language properly, but alas, I'm not clever enough.

The sub-header formula I use right now is:
$If(<Disc Count>>1,"•  Disc "<Disc#>,)

I'd be eternally thankful if someone could help me out.

And I'd also love to know where I can actually learn how to use the script language so I can figure these things out myself in the future.

Much appreciated.

Edit: 5 minutes after I posted this, I figured out a solution for me.
I'm using
$If(<Disc Count>>1,$IsNull(<Disc#>,Null,"• Disc "<Disc#>)" "$IsNull(<Original Album>,," ~ "<Original Album>),)

right now and I just define the <Original Album> as whatever the CD is called and the normal album is defined as the name of the compilation.

I'm sure there's a more elegant solution tho.

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