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Questions / Re: How to automaitcally fix file paths on playlists
« on: September 28, 2023, 01:37:08 PM »
Unfortunately none of the methods fixed my issue, my music is split into 4 drives, the locate missing files function seem to only search in one of the drives...

Questions / How to automaitcally fix file paths on playlists
« on: September 24, 2023, 01:22:31 PM »
I moved some files around in windows and now my playlists have tons of exclamation marks "file is missing" although it's porperly detected on the library, there are too many files to manually locate each one...

Is there a fix for my problem?  :-\

Again I'm not clear on exactly what you're saying here. In strawberry you can see the names of the tracks, yes?
But they don't play because the path is not recognized? What is telling you it's not recognized?

the tracks appear with their filename only, they don't play and no other data displayed (artist, album...)

I think I figured it out. my music are on 2 separate hard drives, the playlist file is on of those hard drives. the tracks that are on the same hard drive as the playlist file are recognized, the others arent because drive is named differently in linux.

I'm going to export the same playlist to both hard drives and combine them later once all ratings have been done..

If I don't update, it means this fixed it...

thank you everyone for helping, you're great!

some tracks are not recognized
Not recognized where? In MB? In Strawberry? Are the "not recognized" tracks appearing in the playlist?

A playlist is nothing more than a text file which you can open with any text editor (such as Notepad++.)
If the "not recognized" tracks are in the playlist, then the problem is with your strawberry player.
If they're not in the playlist, then the issue lies with MB. In which case you'll need to provide more details as to exactly how you're creating the playlist and with what options.

the tracks appear in strawberry but the path are not recognized, this happens for about 1/3 of the tracks from the playlists.

before i did the unix path conversion, none were recognized.

some tracks are not recognized when i try reading the playlist although i enabled use realtive paths and use unix path convention, any idea how to sort it out?

Musicbee stores the rating in the Name: RATING / Tag: POPM tag for MP3s (using the 0-255 scale) and in the Name: RATING / Tag: RATING tag for Vorbis (FLAC) using the 0-100 scale.  Both of these are standard.

Your player will need to read these tags in order to make use of the ratings.

Also, as far as I know, enabling "write tags to file" doesn't do anything for previously rated songs.  It only applies to songs you rate after applying the setting.  I'm fairly sure it doesn't retroactively go back and tag all of your songs (if any) where the rating was originally stored to the database.

thank you for the explanation, i believe i had write tags to file enabld since i installed musicbee.

strawberry on linux
Thanks, regrettably those are both outside my expertise.

Just some thoughts: Is strawberry using rating tags at all?
Perhaps with MusicBee you could use a custom tag and the Additional Tagging and Renaming Tools plugin to see if you can create something that works.

strawberry uses ratings, from what i understand there is no standardized method and each player treats them differently, even though at the end they're all displayed on a  basis of 5 stars...

i enabled write tags to file, but i still can't see my ratings outside of musicbee... can someone help please?
Just curious:
Even though there is no absolute standard for ratings, MusicBee has done it's best to handle the 'rating' phenomenon to be as compatible as possible with some other prominent software.

All you said was that it doesn't work for you 'outside of MusicBee'. Would you care to be a bit more specific?
There might be some workaround possible, or it could be some useful information to others on the matter.

strawberry on linux

what i did was make smart playlists of my tracks based on their ratings, make playlist compatible iwth linux filesystem with a setting on musicbee (unix something...), export that playlist to strawberry, mass rate tracks accordingly on strawberry

are there any settings I need to do for that playlist to work on linux (dual boot), the file paths will be different...

Is there any way to get that to work properly?

Maybe I can make a smart playlist of tracks based on their ratings and export that playlist to other players?

i enabled write tags to file, but i still can't see my ratings outside of musicbee... can someone help please?

Or do they work only in musicbee?

be nice to have this extra stat in some form

thank you all

I'd like to know which publishers are most represented in my library, is it possible to sort that way?

thank you

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