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Sorry, didn't think format mattered here. Anyway, AFAIK all of the problematic files are .WAV files. The MP3tag developer has one of the misbehavings files now.

Converting from .WAV to FLAC, etc. doesn't say much more than the conversion can be done. The resulting file will be a new file. The problem is with old, somehow "infected", files. FWIW, I used Audacity to export an "infected" .WAV to another .WAV file (that is, Audacity opened sick.wav, and exported it as not-sick.wav). No problem with tweaking the tags in the exported .WAV, only the source files has problems.

I share your mistrust of .WAV tags. They are often a moving target unlike, for example, .MP3. Oh, well, I'll let Florian (developer) see if he can turn up something. Oh, the joys of modern technology! LOL

This is an old problem that shows up only when I stumble across an uncooperative file. MP3tag shows up the problem. I just sent a sample file to him.

Everything looks right, the ownership, permissions, etc. look fine. The file plays, but something is wrong somewhere. I think it has to do with being a .wav file. I don't recall mp3's doing this to me.

I 've been asked about file integrity (whatever that really means). MediaInfo doesn't complain about the file. Audacity will read it without a problem. The exported .wav works, naturally.

Supposedly Foobar2000 can do some sort of check. Installed it, looking for the utility, which no longer exists, if it ever did. Anyway, I was reminded about why I uninstalled it, and stay with MusicBee. :)

F5 takes me where I want to go.

Now, all I have to do is figure a work-around for trying to change tags on actual files (MusicBee's library is working just fine). I've got that cursed "unable to write this file" problem Win10 dreams up. Grrr...

The usual trick is to change the file's ownership. BTDT and nada... Sure makes me wish I could get more done under Linux.

So it is! Worked like a charm. Thanks!

Indeed, I did cleverly turn every every track in other albums into "albums". I fixed that, too.

One oddity showed up that I don't understand. I had a directory full of albums where the "Album" tag was blank (very odd  - dunno why I didn't includ the Album title when I used MP3Tag to put in song titles, artist's name. Anyway, I corrected that but the album title wasn't listed, just the songs with the right track no. and year.

I deleted the artist altogether, then hit INSERT. The album tags were filled out, but not shown bold letters above tracks. Somehow I bumbled into getting them displayed. The question is "is there a way to fully refresh the albums under any one artist's name?" (Think of the equivalent of hitting F5 to refresh whatever's being shown in Windows Explorer)

OK, understand why that field's grayed out. It wasn't clear to me whether it was used or not.

[original post text deleted]

Problem solved - it was the sorting settings. I changed to sorting by filename, then folder name  Oddly "album name" is grayed out. Why is that?

I thnk I've got this grab in the right place...

Huh? I don't see this in preview. Try this URL...  OK, the link works for Imagur knows how long...

RE: Screensht - I'd post one in a heartbeat if I didn't have to register, etc. for Imagur. If there's an alternate way to post a screenshot, the file's waiting to be posted.

OK, whinging about Imagur done...
Loosely, here's what I have currently. The 1 is the track number for each album. There should be (using this sample) three albums of 1 track each. Instead, there's one album. The entry in Album for each file seems to be ignored.

Japan Blues Carnival
    1 Japan Blues Carnival
    1 B. B. King - Live in Bonn
    1 B. B. King - Live in Hamburg

Some slight progress. "Japan Blues Carnival", "B.B. King - Live in Bonn", etc.  are the name of the only track in each album. That is, album "Japan Blues Carnival" has one track, called "Japan Blues Carnival". I changed a track name, and the list of album titles is the name of the first and only track.

However, the entry for each album is filled with "Japan Blues Carnival",etc. Using the short sample above, There should be an album heading like this:
Japan Blues Carnival
   1 Japan Blues Carnival

B. B. King - Live in Bonn
   1 B. B. King - Live in Bonn

B. B. King - Live in Hamburg
   1 B. B. King - Live in Hamburg

There is nothing like this under artist B. B. King

Questions / Series of Albums continue to list as one album, many tracks.
« on: January 30, 2022, 09:17:12 PM »
I have a collection of B. B. King albums that for some reason are treated as tracks in under the first "track's" name.

I checked that each album file is headed with the correct, unique album title, with the artist title spelled as "B. B. King" (I had a few mislabeled as "B.  B. King" (excess blank between the leading B.) I straightened that out. I corrected "B.B. King". Nonetheless, only one album title appears - "B. B. King - Japan Blues Carnival", ignoring, for examples, "B. B. King - Live in Bonn or "B. B. King - Live in Hamburg".

Is there a way to refresh the listings, hoping the one "album" splits into the collection of unique album names?

Questions / Re: Reverse sort order in right panel
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:27:58 AM »
Clarifying (I hope);.. The actual process of changing the sort order is clear after finding and clicking on "Sort Albums". The problem is finding the way to "Sort Albums". Clicking on Artist Information is hardly the best location compared to the menu popup presented when right-clicking on any album or track present under the artist's name. The only way I found "Sort Albums" was by clicking on everything until I found the way to changing the sorting. order.

I recommend moving "Sort Albums" to the same popup with album ratings, edit, etc.

Questions / Re: Album Artist - sort by date?
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:11:57 AM »
The problem has been resolved. Please refer to the thread "REVERSE SORT ORDER IN RIGHT PANEL". I started that thread after this thread was hijacked (now deleted?)

Questions / Re: Reverse sort order in right panel
« on: December 06, 2021, 05:33:31 AM »
I found the way to change the sort order to ascending (oldest first), but it's not obvious. When displaying Album Artist, right-click on Artist Information. Right-click on Sort Albums. Click on By Year (asc), and the album list is given in ascending order.

Not exactly a blindingly obvious procedure... :(

Questions / Reverse sort order in right panel
« on: December 06, 2021, 04:07:39 AM »
Since beer_fish rather thoroughly inserted an completely unrelated question into my question about this topic, I'll take it from the top.

In the list panel, showing all the albums under an artist's name, the dates work 2021, 2019,  ... , 1999, or descending order. How do I reverse the dates to 1999, 2019, 2021?

In the files' date tag, the date is given as YYYY without mm/dd

Questions / Re: Album Artist - sort by date?
« on: December 03, 2021, 05:06:57 AM »
Good news, bad news.

I brilliantly inspected material I was trying to sort and missed that, as a temporary fix, all of the "albums" share a common album name. That is the "sub-albums" become tracks in a super-album. Ddatws become irrelevant in that mess. Strike that part of the issue.

Now, good news, checking some other material, the list is ordered by year. Yea! The bad news is the sort is in descending order - newest first, oldest last. I looked in preferences, grouping/sorting. I tried year in ascending order and then checked a few artists whose albums definitely are dated by year only. No change.

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