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i vote to have the close to tray option   :)


I Just had a ton of windows open and I closed it again by accident. Pisses me off...... >:(

It's REALLY frustrating when you work with as many windows as I do. I know it's ME, but it happens way too often. I'm just glad my anti-virus and VOIP don't close like that....

Wish Musicbee could do something, it's been a while since the request. Or explain why it's impossible...

Maybe a plug-in could do it?

I understand what you're saying. "Most" apps you'd want to close when you click the "X".

But I have a few programs that continue to work as background tasks, and when I hit the "X" they minimize to the tray and NOT close. Monitoring programs like Anti-virus programs, Camera Recording programs, Downloaders, other music players, etc.... 

I love this program and seeing as I listen to music while I actually do other tasks, I thought it would be a great feature if this could "X"'d to the tray as well.

It's not a big deal. Yes, I can hit the minimize rather than the "X". In fact, after using this for over 10 years, I should know better by now.

And Yes, I can re-open it and have it set to start where it left off.

I just think it would be more convenient to "X" to the tray like I am use to for all my other programs I have running in the background.

Maybe I'm wrong, but would it really hurt to have the option? I can understand not having it if it's too hard to implement, and/or not really wanted or needed by many....

I wonder what others think....

Was just a Request, as this IS the wish list....

I've been using MusicBee for a long time, and I still haven't gotten use to this One thing..... I constantly close the application by mistake, then have to re-open it, then minimize it the right way. Grrrr. I probably do it a few times a day when I am using it. Tough habit to break.

It's tough because a few other Audio or video programs I use just as often give me the option to set X to mimimize to systray.

If it's in there already, can someone tell me where to find it?

If not in there yet then I'd like to +1 on wishing for this option....

Thanks for an awesome player....

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