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Plugins / Re: (Version 1.6.1) Spectrogram Panel Plugin
« on: March 31, 2019, 03:04:48 AM »
I have just installed the plugin yesterday. Took me a while to figure out how to get it work.

My feedback on the installation process:

1. I am on Window 10. MusicBee Ver 3.2.6902 non-portable.

2. Re: Installation Instructions #3. "A message will appear telling you where to place the plugin's "Dependencies" folder; extract the whole folder there now."

After extracting the file mb_Spectrogram-Display.dll in the Plugin folder and place it in the MusicBee/Plugins, I restarted MusicBee. However, there is no message telling me where to place the "Dependencies" folder.

I spent some time reading through the forum postings and managed to find the correct folder.

The folder should be

For my case, it didn't work if I put it in the sub-folder \Plugin (I don't have such a folder and I created one by following the posting quoted by boroda in Reply #2).

Note: The above folder is a hidden folder and users need to enable viewing hidden folders in the window explorer options.

3. For the configuration, the chart is by default grey scale and without the "Frequency Legend" enabled.  As most of us would like to see color chart with the readings on x and y axis. I would suggest the following defaults:
Saturation be 1 instead of 0
Frequency Legend enabled
Color Scheme: Plasma

Great work. Thanks!

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