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MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Exit Confirmation When Track is Playing
« on: September 21, 2023, 03:46:09 AM »
This has been added in version 3.6, but is there a way to disable it? I can't see anything in the settings.

Bug Reports / Minor alignment issue when using the A-Z jump bar
« on: March 15, 2022, 02:10:35 PM »
If you use album art view and you use the mouse wheel to scroll through your collection, MusicBee scrolls down/up one full row of albums at a time, so the top of the artwork of the top row is always aligned with the top of the screen. A feature I really like, as it means you never have the top row only partially displayed/cut off.

However, if you use the A-Z jump bar to jump to artists starting with a particular letter, it doesn't quite align properly, as you can see here: -

And also here: -

To me, the expected behaviour would be for using the A-Z jump bar to exactly mimic manually scrolling, in terms of the position of things on the screen, but it's a few pixels out.

I know this is nitpicking, lol, but it's just something I notice quite often when using the program.

Version: 3.4.7925.16930

When you click on an album cover so it expands and shows the track listing, the album title, artist name, and year of release are no longer visible: -

A couple of examples: -

You can still click on where the artist name should be and it takes you to the Music Explorer tab, but the text is just not visible.

I have tried several different skins and it's the same with them all.

The bug is not present if I overwrite the musicbee.exe file with version 3.4.7918.19190, so I think it was introduced in the latest beta.


I was looking in the wrong place initially. I was looking under the "Tags" tab where it also shows the artwork, not the actual "Artwork" tab.

I use MP3Tag to tag files, so I'm not used to looking at MusicBee's tagging options.

I think your other post is probably the solution I'm looking for though, so thanks!

Open the Tag Editor and look at the artwork tab. You probably have the artwork there twice with the same designation.

Actually yeah, I do.....

But why? I have not changed any settings in MusicBee, nor how I store or tag music, but now any album I add to my library ends up with 2 lots of artwork like this, when that never used to happen.

I'm using MusicBee version 3.4.7749.

I noticed today that music I've added to my library in MusicBee in recent months shows as having 2 album cover images, even though there's only 1. For example: -

If I switch between the 2, nothing happens.

All of my albums are stored and tagged the same way. Each album is in its own folder. Inside that folder is a hidden folder.jpg file, and that's also embedded into the tags of the files. If I open a file in MusicBee's own tag editor, it only shows 1 piece of artwork there.

It's obviously not a major issue, but I just wondered why it's happening. It only affects music I've added to MusicBee's library in the last few months. When I check music I added further back than that, it only shows "Image 1: Album cover" and that's it, even though the files are stored/tagged in the exact same way.

This may not even be a bug, but I'm just wondering why it's showing "Image 1: Album cover" and "Image 2: Album cover" for the albums I've added recently, but not older ones.


If it was literally being queued next, then the song you're queueing would always be placed after the track that's currently playing, pushing everything else down a place.

Currently, "Queue Next" works like this: -

Let's say you have 3 tracks in the "Now Playing" list and track 2 is playing. If you pick a track from your library and choose "Queue Next" and be queued in the number 3 slot, however, if you pick another track and choose "Queue Next" it would by placed in the number 4 slot and so on. It's not literally being queued next.

So, I would like to see the option to always have the selected track literally be queued next, as I would absolutely switch to that and never switch back if I could.

I have some 64Kbps MP3 files that are showing up as twice as long as they actually are in certain places in MusicBee.

In my library, in the playing tracks list, and in the track information box, it's showing the files as being twice as long as they are, however, the correct length is shown above the progress bar while one of these MP3s is playing.

If I convert the files to WAV the correct lengths are shown everywhere, but then as soon as I convert them back to MP3 again, I get the double length issue.

The only other programs I have on my computer that can play MP3 files are Groove Music and MPC-BE, both of which display the correct track lengths, so I'm not sure what's happening here.

It's working OK for me right at this moment, although in same cases it is taking quite a few seconds to pull in a backdrop.

I tried using the debug version and I clicked on about 20 artists that I had no backdrops for and it found pics for all of them. In the log, there were a few 404 entries for Fanart though and it seems it pulled the pic in from Last.FM instead, despite pics being available from Fanart (I manually checked).

I will continue testing this to see if it breaks again. Perhaps it's a time of day thing, based on server load. I dunno, but the issue was intermittent when I reported it too, so it seems like it's something to do with Fanart's server sometimes not responding and giving a 404.

@Pinky - Thanks for the reply. I'm 99% sure this has nothing to do with Virgin Media now, cos the sites where the pics are being pulled from are reachable at all times.

I will post back with more info later and the full log file if/when this issue rears its ugly head again.

Your tags look correct and seeing as we're talking about fairly popular artist which seems to be fetched for other MB users, it feels more like a connectivity issue to me. I'd stand by my initial suggestion of making sure this issue persists over a period of time to rule out a temporary glitch.

Out of curiosity, what type of internet connection do you use? Are you running any P2P-software or streaming services? Do you have any active AVs and/or software firewalls?

I have a 220 Mbps cable connection. The PC is wired to the router. I'm not running any P2P software nor streaming services. The only AV/firewalls that are active are the stuff that's built into Windows 10.

Everything was working fine until a few days ago. I'm not having any other browsing/connectivity issues on any of the devices I use, and I have no issues loading up Last.FM or in my web browser.

@Pinky - Are you also a Virgin Media user from the UK by any chance? You're the only other person that's replied so far to say that you're having the same issue. Also, which version of MusicBee are you using?

EDIT - As of right now, 9:36 PM UK time, I am not getting any new backdrop pics for any artists whatsoever, even though when I go to or in my web browser, both sites pop up instantly as normal and are fully functional. :(

Ah, OK, I understand.

If it happens again I'll see if I can figure out how to replicate the issue. When this happened I was playing one album and looking at the "Now Playing" tab, then I switched to the "Library" tab, scrolled down to a different album and double-clicked on it to play it and that caused the crash, but when I try the same steps with the same albums it works fine, so I don't know what might have caused it.

Thanks for the reply.

MB uses and for artist backdrops.
I was using this myself yesterday and all was working fine.
Send me a screenshot of the artist splitter dialog for one you think is not working

Thanks for the reply, Steven.

Here's an example: -

In fact, as yet, all of the affected artists are just single name artists, as in that example. There's no "X ft. Y" stuff going on that might screw up the search.

I was playing an album and I double-clicked on the artwork of another album to play that instead. That album did not play though and instead, MusicBee completely locked up so I could no longer click on anything and I had to force close the program.

Error log info: -

30/04/2018 18:06:36 - 10.0.17134.0 - 3.2.6693.30293 - url: D:\Music\Hip-Hop & Electro\Albums\Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet (Deluxe Edition)\CD1\01 - Contract On The World Love Jam.flac
System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
   at System.Threading.TimerQueueTimer.Change(UInt32 dueTime, UInt32 period)
   at System.Threading.Timer.Change(Int32 dueTime, Int32 period)
   at #=z7KdsrVV_8ybdTlzMhq6YuFOB5STsKicqKiay3wM=.#=zumZucPYwDDokPVK$hw==.#=zHawt3E5nWfdw9L_phw==(#=zRxA8oZzmrR1QekbY5WKDdjQ= #=zNkcCD1g=, MethodInvoker #=zd1mAN4N1bFp0, #=zZUOSoX2Nuruzppu72XiIX4KxfVY3klHa$Q== #=zlTLXMkcq3t4M, Boolean #=z2tD0aNqcHeHsUh3$Jg==, Boolean #=zppn6ZLROUwud, Boolean& #=zBAUTZtFgXHSr)
   at #=z7KdsrVV_8ybdTlzMhq6YuFOB5STsKicqKiay3wM=.#=zumZucPYwDDokPVK$hw==.#=z_ZvLEoMR_bwO(#=zRxA8oZzmrR1QekbY5WKDdjQ= #=zNkcCD1g=)
   at #=zwbCZnzFqce0fNOCIJLXt$58=.#=zwRh1kvme_l42(Object #=zl7m_MoQ=)

The track mentioned in the log is the first track of the album I was trying to play.

After closing and restarting MusicBee, it seems to be working fine, but I thought I'd report this as I've never had it completely freeze up like this.

Ah! This is happening to me as well. It's worth saying I'm a new user of about a month and still trying to find my way around. This thread is being particularly useful and I've followed and implemented the suggestions so far to no avail, I still get a coloured background for some famous artists.  If I do a search for one of these artists in Google Images it list 100's or more photos. I wonder why MB doesn't find them?  If this is always going to be the case, is there a way for me to grab a selection of the artists photos and somehow get MB to display them (sequentially) when playing the track?

I've been using MusicBee for years and this issue only started happening in this past week. Previously, the only time I had to manually add an artist picture is if the artist was obscure - I certainly never had to manually add pics for artists like Stevie Wonder and Madonna and there is absolutely no way that MusicBee is rejecting pics of artists like that because it can't find one that's good enough quality.

It seems like the search is intermittently timing out for some reason. For example, if I play a song by a popular artist and go to the Now Playing tab and after a few seconds it finds a pic, if I then go and delete the dat file for that artist and repeat the process, sometimes it times out and just gives me a coloured background, but other times it will find the same picture it found previously. Clearly, this shouldn't be happening as you should be getting the same result each time.

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