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Bug Reports / Re: Toolbar Elements Overlaying Each Other When Full
« on: June 14, 2024, 09:27:20 PM »
If you right-click the toolbar->Configure Toolbar, and check "Consolidate buttons into one icon," does that work for you?  If you click the created "wheel" button afterwards it shows compact buttons of all your elements that can then be selected.

This is why I mentioned that there Is a wishlist post.

It's not efficient for my workflow.

I use the toolbar in combination with the quicktagger plugin, so I have created buttons to quickly tag my tracks. If I want to add multiple tags to a track, I have to press the toolbar buttons as many times as the tags I want to add because the pop-up window closes after each tag selection..

Bug Reports / Toolbar Elements Overlaying Each Other When Full
« on: June 14, 2024, 01:08:29 PM »
When the custom toolbar in the header bar becomes full of elements, the buttons and icons tend to overlay each other. This issue negatively affects both the usability of the toolbar.

Expected Behavior:
The toolbar should adjust automatically its layout to accommodate more elements without overlapping by creating multiple rows.

Actual Behavior:
Elements within the custom toolbar overlay each other when the toolbar is full, making it difficult to use and navigate the toolbar.


Thank you!

PS.I have already add this in a wishlist post where i suggest/ask for some further improvements.

I see.

I will wait for a response in the next two or three days. If there is none, i will upload the plugin.

Currently, the custom toolbar is only available in the header bar, and when it becomes full of elements, they tend to overlay each other,  which affects usability.

Some suggestions for improving this.

1) Support for Multiple Toolbars or Stacked Toolbars:

Implementing the ability to have multiple toolbars or enabling the toolbar to stack in two or three rows when it is full of elements would significantly enhance the organization and accessibility of toolbar items.

2) Improved Pop-Up Behavior for Consolidated Buttons:

When choosing to consolidate toolbar buttons into one icon, it would be helpful if the pop-up window with the buttons remained open until we click in the main or any other panel, instead of closing immediately after clicking on a button in the toolbar. This change would improve workflow efficiency and usability.

3) Ability to Move the Custom Toolbar to the Bottom Bar:

Allowing users to position the custom toolbar on the bottom bar would provide greater flexibility in customizing the MusicBee interface according to individual preferences.

These additions would greatly enhance the usability and customization options.

Thank you!

I have updated the plugin.
Now it is not replacing but appending values to tags.
The second addition is the ability to remove a value by a second key press if it already exists in a tag field.

At some point in the future, I will try to choose specific tags to append values while values will be replaced on others.

If the original developer is okay with it, I will upload the file.

Let's hope he will see the post.

Tag editor is a solution but it's not efficient, too many clicks and wast of time and space.
MusicBee's Vertical Tag Editor

seems to take up far less space than what's in your screenshot:

which does look nice at first sight, but doesn't seem very complete, nor space-effective to me.

I also don't understand the content.
Situation: Start?
Instruments: Bass Heavy?

It doesn't seem realistic or very usable to me if I am honest.

Space was about the side panel. I don't really like the idea of losing space from the main library panel as i lose the ability to have more fields in view. This is why i asked for a bottom bar. Maybe the first post wasn't clear about the side bar, but i was genuinely talking about the tag choices you have there.

The app is DJing oriented, so what you see is what the developer uses for his sets as tags (Start=Beginning of the set). You can Customize everything, even the separations per category.


Nice mock-ups, and maybe it would be a nice addition.
(I have no strong opinion on it, nor have I thought it through much at the moment)

I just thought to remind you (and others?) that something similar can already be done.

You can setup the Vertical Tag Editor to easily add such tags:

And you can setup a toolbar button to filter on such tags:

Tag editor is a solution but it's not efficient, too many clicks and wast of time and space.
In addition there is a mess in mood tags etc, because of the way Musicbee is functioning, it reads the library and adds all the available tags in field in the drop down menu.

Thank you for that, i had no clue.
In Combination with Quick Tagger is a savior.
Unfortunately Quick Tagger development stopped and "adding to existing values instead of replacing" was never implemented.

Toolbar in Combination with Quick Tagger is a step closer to what i asked for.

I would like to propose a feature that I believe would be a valuable addition to the app. OneTagger has a quick tag mode that features a highly intuitive tagging bar, and I think a similar implementation in MusicBee could greatly benefit us

In the application, there is a bar at the bottom with clickable buttons for different tags, such as mood (e.g., Happy, Sad, Bright, Dark, Powerful, Chill, Lovely), genres (e.g., Drum & Bass, House, Techno), Users can easily click these buttons to add tags to their selected tracks, streamlining the organization and categorization process. You can modify the buttons and in which field the button is writing the tag.

Here is a visual reference of the feature:

Key benefits of this feature include:

    Enhanced Usability: A dedicated tagging bar makes it simple and quick to add relevant tags to tracks without navigating through multiple menus or typing.
    Efficient Organization: Users can categorize their music library more effectively with just a few clicks, making it easier to sort and find tracks based on mood, genre, comments or other criteria.
    Customizable Tags: Allowing users to customize the tags on the bar could further personalize and enhance their music management experience.

Implementation Suggestions:

    Place the tagging bar at a convenient location, such as the bottom on top of the wave bar.
    Include a variety of default tags covering common moods, genres, and descriptors.
    Provide an option for users to add, remove, or customize tags according to their preferences.

I believe this feature would make MusicBee even more user-friendly and powerful.

Their side bar is also a brilliant idea, it works the same way as the bottom bar.

Thank you

When user is switching tabs while from within the second tab is adding songs to a playlist, musicBee fails to remember the "cursor's" last position within the first tab when the user returns to it.
Instead, it resets to the beginning or rarely to some random position within the playlist.

Expected Behavior:
MusicBee must maintain "cursor's" last position (focus on previously selected/highlighted track) within any tab, no matter the action previously performed in any other tab.

Bug Reports / Re: Date Created search
« on: August 12, 2023, 01:36:51 PM »

Thank you, once again, @Steven!

Bug Reports / Re: Date Created search
« on: August 08, 2023, 12:26:19 PM »
It was fixed in the patch that got released after i opened the thread, seems it broke again after the two or three latest patches.

I'm using the latest patch.

Bug Reports / Re: Date Created search
« on: August 08, 2023, 12:03:42 PM »
Seems like it's broken again.

Bug Reports / Re: Date Created search
« on: June 11, 2023, 03:05:24 PM »
Thank you Steven.

Bug Reports / Date Created search
« on: June 10, 2023, 04:16:40 PM »
When searching for tracks with an empty 'Date Created' tag (DATE CREATED IS ""), using the middle click in MusicBee library, it doesn't return any results, even though there are tracks without any information in this tag.

The advanced search works flawlessly for tracks with no value in this tag.

 It used to work in the past, so I suspect it may be a bug.

Bug Reports / Re: Musicbee random "high" CPU usage.
« on: April 30, 2023, 01:36:59 PM »
if you want to keep using MB, i think you are going to need to split your library into two - even 1 million tracks if pushing the limits of what I had in mind with MB

Thank you for the advice Steven.
I hope that it will be possible to avoid that as it wont help my workflow.
After some further investigation i believe it may be somehow connected with another problem i lately have Topic: Musicbee is auto-exporting playlists without changes. Suspending the thread responsible for the high CPU usage appears to be blocking or stopping the playlists from auto-exporting when Musicbee exits. If I resume the thread, MusicBee starts to auto-export the playlists again. Once the auto-exporting process is finished, the high CPU usage problem disappears.

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