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Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Updated)
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:29:07 AM »
[regex, '(\w+) (\w+)', '\2 \1']

You were on the right track. The problem was mostly the backreference. What you need is this:

    - [regex, '(\w+)(\s)(\w+)', $3$2$1]

Unlike normal find/replace syntax, you are passing these variables back to plugin - written in C#. The plugin won't recognize the \1 syntax and throws an error.

You probably already know, but you would place this line above the following line in the artist variable area:

     - [strip_nonascii, -]

Another problem you may face is that many of these configuration files use the filters from the "artist" field  for the title and album fields. It reduces typing. You'll see something like this.

        type: title
        filters: artist

Obviously if yours does that then you would have to modify the title filter. Otherwise your title would swap as well.

Another caveat to remember is that if your artist name is more than two names, then the above solution will not work. You would just be swapping the first two names around.  However I can't imagine that Musixmatch would do this swapping thing for an artist with more than two names - ie David Allen Coe vs Coe Allen David or some such nonsense. So you should be good.

Anyway, I have included the yml code with everything modified and in the right place. I tested it prior to posting and it works fine (or rather I got a bunch of lyrics; in Japanese I think.) The bottom line is that I received lyrics from  the site.

The following yml file code is a special case. It will not work for normal requests to Musixmatch.

name: Musixmatch Swap Artist Order

        type: artist
        - strip_diacritics
        - lowercase
        # -----------Library Unique------------ #
        - [replace, "!!!", "chk-chik-chick"]    
        - [regex, '(?<=\W|\s)+(featuring.+|feat[\W\s]+|ft[\W\s]+|(f[\W\s])).+', ""]                          
        #--------------URL Unique-------------- #
        # [regex, ' & ', " and "]              
        # ------------------------------------- #
        - [regex, '[^a-z0-9\s]{1,}', ""]      
        - [regex, '[\W]{2,}', " "]              
        - [regex, '(\W+(?=$))|(^\W+)', ""]
        - [regex, '(\w+)(\s)(\w+)', $3$2$1]          
        - [strip_nonascii, -]
        type: title
        - strip_diacritics
        - lowercase
        # -----------Library Unique------------ #
        #--------------URL Unique-------------- #
        # ------------------------------------- #
        - [regex, '[^a-z0-9\s]{1,}', ""]      
        - [regex, '[\W]{2,}', " "]              
        - [regex, '(\W+(?=$))|(^\W+)', ""]          
        - [strip_nonascii, -]

        type: album
        - strip_diacritics
        - lowercase
        # -----------Library Unique------------ #
        #--------------URL Unique-------------- #
        # ------------------------------------- #
        - [regex, '[^a-z0-9\s]{1,}', ""]      
        - [regex, '[\W]{2,}', " "]              
        - [regex, '(\W+(?=$))|(^\W+)', ""]          
        - [strip_nonascii, -]

    User-Agent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:77.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/77.0'  

    url: "{artist}/{title}"
    pattern: ['<p class="mxm-lyrics__content.*?">(?<lyrics>.*?)<div [^>]*"lyrics-report".*?>', s]

        #------------Website Unique------------- #
        - [replace, "</span></p><div>", "\n"]
        - [regex, "<script.*?</script>", "", 's']
        #--------------------------------------- #
        - br2nl        
        - strip_html                            
        - utf8_encode                          
        - entity_decode                        
        - clean_spaces                          
        - [regex, '\[.+\]', ""]                  
        - [regex, '\n{2,}',"\n\n", 's']          
        - trim

Let me know if you need any more assistance.

Get the Portable (or even the Installer) version and stop using the Store version.

It seemed as if you favored the portable so I took your recommendation and went with that.

I just noticed that you're using the store version. Get the Portable (or even the Installer) version and stop using the Store version.

You just never know the importance of a seemingly innocuous comment. I went ahead and installed it and SUCCESS! The Theater Mode problem is solved! My OCDish-self thanks you!

I had, of course, considered the nuclear option - reinstalling MB; but for such a simple little annoyance the risk/reward analysis didn't work for me. I got burned years ago with an Itunes installation that wrecked my library - ironically that led me to MB. I've forgotten the details but between that and other glitchy software installs over a several decades (not MB) I religiously avoid re-installations as a repair strategy. If I had known I could just install a different version without having to impact my "working" version,  that would have been one of the first steps.

So yep, a very good day indeed. Problem is solved; I'm on a more frequently updated version; and I'm away from the MS store. Things couldn't get much better.

Thanks again phred.

@Steven - thanks for your help too. I really appreciated it and I'll always wonder just what did happen. But having said that, I'm glad this is wrapped up so you don't have to waste time on something that's trivial in the bigger scheme of things.

Yes, my problem solely concerns Theater Mode. I wasn't sure whether or not to call it a plugin or skin. I've seen both. Now I know! Thanks.

Since your MB home install is in the Windows users directory, I'd suggest getting/using the Portable version and place it outside of a Windows-controlled directory. Such as X:\MusicBee

I don't want to side-track the thread but your comment made me curious. Is there some advantage to this? Perhaps you're thinking Windows caused my problem. If so then I'm sorry to say that I'm the most likely culprit. I was handling other issues and this problem was likely an unintended consequence.

No Joy.  :(

Here is exactly what I did according to your suggestion.

1. Stopped MB
2. Deleted all readily apparent Theater Mode files and folders.
3. DL’d fresh copy of the problem skin, unpacked and pasted to Users\...\Plugins directory.
4. Rebooted computer (just a habit)
5. Started MB
6. View>Theater Mode>Modernaire (had to select skin b4 View>Start Theater Mode)
7. Went back to main window view (View>Main Player)
8. View>Start Theater Mode
9. No Joy. Same results as before.

I used to troubleshoot globally. Sometimes if I could have seen what the other person was looking at I would have solved a problem immediately. So I’ve included pictures. It'll illustrate what I've done and maybe you’ll spot something that isn’t right.

Picture of User folder/file structure before and after (Shows what was deleted)

Skin performs normally when selecting View>Theater Mode>Modernaire

Skin fails when selecting View>Start Theater Mode

Just for kicks I also included the following just in case there was anything obviously amiss.

\Program Files\...\MusicBee file structure

I appreciate the help so far and I realize that time is limited for everyone. My desire to fix this is kind of OCDish. So if you find that you don’t have time then let this go. I still have functionality; it just takes two extra clicks.

If you want to chase this down though I have plenty of time on my end to try any suggestion you have.

Thanks for the support Steven.

Happy New Year Everyone! I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I could use a little help.

Windows 10
MusicBee: 3.4.8033 Store

Problem: I use one of the Theater Mode plugins. When I select View>Start Theater Mode from the main menu, MB does not display the background. The elements are all there in the correct place, but the background is just a washed out pastel colored screen. If I instead select View>Theater Mode>Plugin Name everything works fine.

This only affects the one Theater Mode plugin that I installed. Until I started working on a different problem recently, all plugins (including this one) worked fine.

(The TL;DR folks among you can skip to the summary below. The following just describes what I was doing when this happened.)

Background: I provide this part because in my opinion, things rarely break for no reason. My first question to anyone is, “Ok, what where you doing before this happened?” So here is my very quick story.

1. A couple of weeks ago I installed Minilyrics and the Minilyrics helper plugin. Everything worked fine for several days. Then I noticed that MB would lock up after 4-5hrs. I’d have to kill its process to restart it.

2. Shortly after this I noticed I was also getting a non-descript error msg when going into the plugin panel. So I disabled the Minilyrics helper plugin. No joy. I then disabled other plugins including Theater Mode. Still no joy.

3. Then I uninstalled the Minilyrics program from the computer and the plugin from MB. That fixed the error message! But now I had two Theater Mode plugins on the plugin screen – one enabled & one disabled. Hmmm, how to get rid of the extra one I wondered…

So I started playing around with the files in the different directory paths – \Program Files X86, \Users & \Program Files. During that time I created problems (i.e. double theater mode entries, ratings that wouldn’t update in Theater Mode etc.) and fixed them.

Now I have this one last problem: Theater mode can’t display the background for this one plugin when called directly from View>Start Theater Mode. As stated, it works fine with View>Theater Mode>Name of plugin.

Potentially relevant info:

1. The theater mode plugin (Mod'ernaire) is located in the \Users path in the appropriate TheaterMode.list folder.
2. All other theater mode files (Artist Pictures, Cine View etc.) are located in the same folder on \Program Files\ path.
3. MB settings show the mb_TheaterModePlugin.dll location to be in the \Program Files\ path, not the \Users\ or the \X86\ path.
4. My TheaterModeState.ini file has an entry that is curious to me because the plugin uses a static image –


Perhaps that is normal.

Like I said, this problem is probably self-inflicted; but for the life of me I can’t seem to find a way to reset it.

Summary: The burning question in my mind is, “What is the technical process difference between how MB handles View>Start Theater Mode and View>Theater Mode>pick your theater mode plugin. I’d guess the first provides some kind of relative reference from the mb_TheaterModePlugin.dll while the second directly calls the user installed .xml file. That’s only a guess though and I’d have no idea of how to fix it.

Anyways, thanks for reading and any help/insight anyone can provide.

Questions / Re: AutoDJ after correcting tags
« on: May 19, 2018, 07:16:32 PM »
After a lot of poking, prodding and looking around I found a solution. It isn't elegant but it works.

SOLUTION: MB stores files containing results of the API call to for similar artists in the C:\Users\**USER**\AppData\Local\MusicBee\InternalCache folder.  Each file is named using the following convention - **ARTISTNAME**.similar.dat

In my case, since artists were improperly named, these files were empty. Essentially MB went to to ask who was similar to America*. would respond with an empty result because it didn't know who America with an * was.
When I deleted the * in the artist song tag, AutoDJ still wouldn't work. The reason is that MB didn't make a new request to for the revised artist name (America). To force MB to make a new request I deleted the existing America.similar.dat file.

The next time I played the song and started AutoDJ, MB looked for the America.similar.dat file. When MB saw the file was missing it made a new request to and saved the results. After that the AutoDJ worked fine giving a range of similar songs for the updated artist name.

So if you cannot make AutoDJ for a particular artist work you can force a requery of by deleting the **ARTISTNAME**.similar.dat file.

There is probably a way to force an update from the program rather than manually but I was unable to find it.

Questions / Re: AutoDJ after correcting tags
« on: May 19, 2018, 04:52:58 PM »
@Freddy - Thanks for the assist. I got the images posted. :)

@ psycjoadept - I took a look at the tag inspector and the artist (and all fields) are filled in. I'm speculating that the issue is that somehow this information wasn't changed in the MB database...

Questions / Re: AutoDJ after correcting tags
« on: May 19, 2018, 02:22:02 PM »
@redwing - I edited a hundred  or so songs at the same time by using the tag editor to remove an asterisk. Picture #1 shows some of the America songs that were edited and the tag editor. Above them you will see some Alabama songs that have yet to be edited.

@psychoadept - I surmised that the AutoDJ would us the artist name in an API call to Last.FM in order to find similar artists. Does it work some other way? I posted a screen shot of the AutoDJ settings.

Thanks for the responses guys. I'll have to step away from the comp for two hours to run some saturday morning errands, but anything you can add to help fix the problem is appreciated. :)

Questions / AutoDJ after correcting Artist tag - Solved
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:29:34 PM »
In my old music player (Itunes) I used unique names for some artists to simplify searches (America*/America : Queen*/Queen). Today I fixed my library to reflect the correct artist name.

When I use AutoDJ on these corrected songs it only lists songs from the seed artist. As an example, using AutoDJ on a song by America will result in a list that only contains songs by America. If I change to an artist that didn't need a correction, like the Eagles, I see a nice random list of similar songs as expected.

 I thought that maybe "rescan all files" would fix the problem but it didn't. How do I get AutoDJ to recognize the corrected tracks and develop a random playlist like it does for the other songs in my library?

I am extremely new to MB so I'm sure the answer is due to my lack of knowledge about the software.

Note: This shouldn't be a problem with no available songs to suggest. I have an extensive library. I am also only using this on very popular artists so I am sure that has ratings for them.


I really regret not knowing about MB years ago. Working in Itunes for 10+ years wasn't fun. MB anticipates my needs even before I know them. Excellent work!

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