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Questions / Re: MusicBee chapter support (m4a, m4b, ect.)
« on: September 23, 2017, 01:13:10 AM »
Ah! That's my bad then :) I expected to see a chapter list in the main window and/or playlist. The chapters do show up above the player controls.

Questions / Re: MusicBee chapter support (m4a, m4b, ect.)
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:38:49 AM »
Thank you for the quick response Steven :)

Here's what I did so far:

1- Cleared the audiobooks from MusicBee
2- Added one m4b audiobook from a local drive
Result: No Change, file shows up as a single track (no chapters) and time shows up in min:sec
3- I uninstalled MusicBee completely, then deleted MusicBee folder under C:\AppData\Roaming and C:\Program Files (x86)
4- Reinstalled MusicBee 3.1
5- Added same m4b audiobook again.
Result: for some reason, this was added to the music tab, and I wasn't able to drag+drop, perhaps due to loss of my preferences.
Time shows up in hr:min:sec (yay!  8) )
Still shows up as a single track (no chapters)  :(
6- Just to check, I dropped the same m4b file into Chapter and Verse to make sure it does have chapters, C&V showed 72 chapters in the audiobook. If there's a preference in MusicBee that makes chapters show up, I can't find it.


Questions / Re: MusicBee chapter support (m4a, m4b, ect.)
« on: September 21, 2017, 09:07:35 AM »
Hello Steven,

I use MusicBee mainly for audiobooks, and I just downloaded the newest version (3.1.6466). How do I turn on this feature, since it doesn't seem to be on by default?

Also, I remember reading somewhere on this forum that 3.1 will have the option to display time for audiobooks is Hours:Min:Sec instead of just Min:Sec, is that also implemented in 3.1?


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