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Thanks, this seems to have fixed it!

After updating to MusicBee 3.5.8367, I am unable to edit most tags due to a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" that pops up after attempting to save them. It happened almost every time for the few files I've tested it on, and I was only able to successfully change a tag on the files once or twice during troubleshooting (not the tags I wanted to edit, however).

I've reverted back to 3.5.8296 and do not have this issue.

Thanks for reporting. This is now fixed and you can redownload the skin file (from the same urls)

Thanks!  :)

Hi T010, I just came across another bug. The Previous, Play/Pause, and Next icons are missing from the bottom right corner of the popup player.

In the following Centrol screenshots, I'm hovering over the Next and then Previous button.

In this screenshot, my mouse is over the popup player for the default MusicBee 3 skin.

Album link:

column browser in the Dark mode has a red outline

Thanks, it looks much better now! :D

I love the Dark version. However, I did find what I'm assuming is a visual bug because it doesn't look good in my opinion, and is only present in the Dark version, not Light. The column browser in the Dark mode has a red outline.

MusicBee Wishlist / Customize fields in Tag Editor
« on: March 15, 2022, 10:05:33 PM »
It would be great if we could customize the fields that appear on the Tags tab of the Tag Editor. This could save a lot of clicks for those of us who have edit metadata in the [...] splitters or on the Tags (2) tab.

For example, I would add Guest Artist, Performer, and Remixer directly below Artist since I often have to edit those fields, and I would remove Conductor since I've never used it. I'd also add Language and my custom tag for Explicit.

Awesome, thanks Steven!

I think I developed minor nerve damage in my right hand by the amount of times I've used right click > Send to... > Replace selected track... to upgrade my songs to FLAC over the past few years.

A hotkey would be perfect because I still have many tracks to do.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Skipping Tracks stay paused if Pause is active
« on: March 02, 2022, 04:40:35 PM »
An alternative method to accomplish this is to set Auto DJ to be fully random and then use the "Now Playing"  view to see the upcoming songs instead of continually pressing "next track."

I set the upcoming songs to auto hide in my right side bar because I usually prefer to be surprised, but you can have it always be visible if you want.

I also wanted to do this, but had to settle on the Thumbnail Browser. While more attractive, the TB doesn't allow for multiple filters or selections like the Column Browser does.

MusicBee Wishlist / Multiple Tag Splitter for "Language"
« on: February 06, 2022, 10:42:56 PM »
I would like to request the Multiple Tag Splitter for the "Language" field. Having a song sung in multiple languages is just as common as a song sung in a single language. While you can split multiple languages with a semicolon and it works fine for filtering purposes, adding languages to songs is cumbersome because MusicBee lists each unique string you've entered into the field as a separate entry.

This field should act like most others and provide me with the "..." so only a single value is suggested when I type.

Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: November 13, 2021, 05:05:33 PM »
Thank you anyways.

I just want to confirm that what you are experiencing is in fact due to Android 12. I first reported this back in August when I was part of the beta:

The workaround I found was to set up the app in Android 11 before upgrading, but I know that's not an option on the Pixel 6 since it ships with 12. Anyway, my permissions unexpectedly got reset a couple weeks ago, so I'm right back to being locked out of the app like you are. Please star the issue with Google so they might consider giving users an option to grant the necessary access anyway:

Other than that, the only fix would be if someone could modify the app to allow users to select any folder on their phone rather than just the root it currently requires.

Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
« on: August 14, 2021, 10:45:21 PM »
WARNING: If you are running Android 12 Beta 4, DO NOT not clear the MusicBee Wifi Sync app's data or you will lock yourself out of using it. The app will ask you to select the root folder of your SD card in order to sync, but Android will prevent you due to a '"Can't use this folder: To protect your privacy, choose another folder" message. If you try to grant access to a subfolder, the MusicBee app will then tell you that you can't use a subfolder. As long as you set up wifi sync before Beta 4, you will be fine.

Here are some screenshots:

Right before posting this comment, I stumbled upon this Reddit post where someone is having the exact same issue, but with a different app, so it seems something changed in Beta 4. The user created an request in Google's issue tracker, so please consider starring it so they will hopefully revert the change: Thank you in advance.

Bug Reports / Re: Error when jumping to letter on certain "Artists" fields
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:26:12 PM »
It works now. Thanks Steven!

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