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I read a bit more on BOM and there are numerous reasons to use BOM on file formats where the encoding is not specified in the standard.

Yesterday I used another tool (listfix) to repair the playlists (re-connect dangling links) and again the tool fails if the BOM is missing.

So actually I didn't find a single tool that requires the BOM to be absent.

If you follow UTF8 recommendations, a BOM should never be a problem.
If it's there you can simply ignore it.

Uups. The link was incorrect. I corrected that.
Other post is here:

I found this old thread any just want to refer to my post

It seems some programs like PowerAmp or WinAmp require encoding with BOM.

So making the BOM an option one can activate would help here a lot!

As I read here:

MusicBee used to export M3U files with BOM but that was changed on request to exporting without BOM.

Unfortunately it seems many programs expect BOM (as some seem to expect w/o BOM).
In my case: PowerAmp (the BEST Android music player app) and WinAmp (yes, the old thing) expect M3Us to be WITH BOM.

Any chance to make that configurable?


Questions / Re: Re-scanning library doesn't work
« on: December 07, 2016, 04:45:54 PM »
@ralfiii- to avoid this happening in the future, move or delete files from within MB. Doing it via a file manager will only lead to issues like yours since MB doesn't know where the files went.

Yeah, theoretically this is a good idea, but I sync my music library via a cloud tool between 2 computers and my mobile phone, so in reality that's unfortunately not an option for me.
In winamp-times, I selected "Rescan watch folders" and "Remove missing files from library" (both in the "Library" menu) from time to time.
Let's see how MB behaves after the re-installation...

Questions / Re: Re-scanning library doesn't work
« on: December 07, 2016, 04:02:05 PM »
use Tools> Advanced> Rescan All Files
after rescan completes, you should get the message alec.tron spoke about

I tried that and it didn't work.
I now uninstalled MB, deleted the data folder and re-installed it. We'll see if that solves the problem...

Questions / Re-scanning library doesn't work
« on: December 06, 2016, 10:59:37 PM »
Hey there. I am new to MB, so sorry if this is trivial:

I have added some of my music files and deleted others.
How do I now tell MB to re-scan the library folder?
If I select File / "Scan folders for new files" I just get the message "File rescan/ add completed - no new files added".

Would deleted files also be handled by this command? (if it worked)

And, one more thing I realize:
When I select File / Library / Remap Music folders, MB lists 2 folders. The one where all my MP3 files are in, and a 2nd one which at some time in the past had files on them. What has the old location to say here? How do I get rid of that?

Ralf S.

PS: I am using MB V3.0.6132 on a 64bit Win10 machine.

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