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Plugins / Re: Sync Links
« on: August 27, 2016, 12:02:42 PM »
Well I have to try the BitTorrent sync to.
Does it sync one-way, two-way and delete and so on?

Didn’t manage to make the mb_SyncLinks work, did install but  when try to sync an “aborted” window came up. And then couldn’t change mb_SyncLinks settings, kind of links to create.
MusicBee 3.0.5995

Is it supposed to make conversions (flac to mp3) on the fly? Or is the only alternative to save converted files?

Plugins / Re: Sync Links
« on: August 26, 2016, 11:28:21 PM »
I will try it. Had just set up the virtual device stuff and installed Cheetah Sync.
I was forced to use wifi when the USB port on my LG G2 got faulty and only charged.
Cheetah Sync (made by those who make iSyncr) seems to work well, and no need to root.

General Discussions / Re: Official MB appreciation thread
« on: July 30, 2016, 05:40:24 PM »
MusicBee is the best since slice bread.
Longtime ago I decided to have all music on the computer, I tested a few and didn’t like Winamp and Win media player ouch. Then I thought iTunes was best for me. But then I got into Flac.

MusicBee has similar GUI as iTunes with column browser but tons of more features. And handles “all” file formats. Maybe a little longer learning curve to really use all features and get the best organizing.

Here is as I understand it one guy making what is one of the best music library cataloging programs that exist, if not the best.
I’ll guess MS had an entire department to handle it’s cumbersome Media Player, and now their new thing Groove. Just besides the shop I suppose there is plenty of people working on it, and still it’s not even remotely useful for cataloging music files. “Easy to use” but can’t be used for anything.
“We” don’t hope so, but seriously MS should buy this MusicBee fellow out by a couple of billions and make a scaled down easy to use version and an advanced version. Connected to their music shop.

Questions / Librarys and Audiobooks
« on: July 30, 2016, 04:46:49 PM »
I’m new to MusicBee so I don’t know if it is already possible.
The thing is I have made two libraries’ one for music and one for audiobooks, in total about 70 Gb.
I use to sync with Android. But the playlists are  in separate library’s but the device setting is one for all.
So when I sync music I have set do delete tracks not in the sync list. That will delete audiobooks synced in audiobook library. So I have to also resync the audiobooks playlists (and remember to tick off delete tracks not in the lists).

Is there some way to get around this?

But MusicBee seems to handle large amounts of files easy, so maybe it’s better to have it all in the same library?

Anyhow it had been nice if one could select books to sync, especially if there is about 35 Gb books.

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