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Do you know a website (or other way) that tracks the songs of radio stations, and can retrieve a Radio Playlist?
For example, in a case I want to watch the whole songs that were played in some radio station in the last week.
I want a TXT file or Excel file with something like this:

2021-01-05 23_01_03 - Nimo - Karma
2021-01-05 23_04_04 - Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety
2021-01-05 23_09_23 - Sam Smith - Diamonds
2021-01-05 23_11_53 - Eli - Change Your Mind

Searching the web I didn't find something for free.
I only found a web version for one station:
and I want a web service that can track the playlist of any internet radio you will input.

Thank You,

You will also need to consider and propose some user interface for what you have in mind.
After you have now discovered  the functionality of the vertical tag editor; do you propose some enhancements for it, or do you have some completely new panel in mind?
How would that look, and how would it function differently from the vertical tag editor?
I have some completely new panel in mind.
I think the initial chart I drew here is enough. It should get perfected.
Note: The [ ] specifies a button: might be with x for remove, and might be a TextBox... it's self explanatory.
Sorry for the CODE part. I needed to put that text in CODE due to Forum limitations combining x in [ ].

Are you talking about the one that says "One or more value have been amended"?
Yes. Still I think this idea requires a new panel rather than enchantments in vertical tag editor.

I tested it a little.
Yes, indeed it make it easier to tag while playing.
But still the concept is a little different.
Currently, in the enumerated tag way, the tag list is based on what is exist on other tracks. Whenever removed from other tracks then is removed from list. You can't clear all the Custom1 tag from all tracks, and start over to tag by the list you had before.
BTW, it is not so intuinteive to configure, and I think it's not work 100% well:
1. The "Configure Fields" button is is placed far away from the "vertical tag editor"
2. Rating type didn't work well for me. It's not editable.
3. There was annoying "Confirmation" dialog-box each time you edit. You can't edit freely, song by song, with just one (or two..) click.
4. i think the list database is not live updated. I needed to Exit and Run MusicBee again to find the new tags I'm editing, really added to the list.

As described before, I'm talking about a new tagging mode, where the tags list database doesn't depend on the tags of the current library's tracks. It is independent, and managed by the user.

I think it's important to make a distinction between
Information tags, which basically give details about the song. Those are the normal tags, and supposed to be fixed.
Customizable tags, which are things that can be changed by the user's mood.

I also think that the Information tags need to be saved to the files themselves, and the Customizable tags need to be saved to an external database, among application settings files.

I would happy to see such tagging mode in MusicBee in future.

If I understand you correctly; the vertical tag editor will allow you to do that.
(View > Arrange Panels)
I can't find the similarity between:
the vertical tag editor
the stars at the seek bar (bottom part of MusicBee) - which you can "tag by a click"

I'm talking about a panel that can be an alternative for the main panel.
I think all the custom tags can be added to one custom tag of the track, as a one long string with delimiters.
Something like:
custom1: [@MusicBeeTaggingCode:@1__Guitar;2__Piano;3__MusicForMorning]

While playing a track - labels will be displayed in the main panel:

Track Tags:
[[x]Guitar]  [[x]Piano]  [[x]MusicForMorning]
Add Tags to the track:
Search for Tag: [___MusicFo_______]

List of Tags:

Add new Tag to list: [_______]

The goal:
To add/remove tags by a click (or doubleclick) while a track is been playing.
The applying doesn't have to be immediately, it can be when moving to the next track.

I'm still looking for a "while-playing" tagger. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
As mentioned, the only "tag" that can be edited "while-playing" is the stars (Rating).
I want an app, that will let the user to type-in custom-tags, that will be added to app as balloons (label buttons).
While playing you can edit the balloons (enable/disable) by click, in a similar way to the stars.
Later, you will be able to search and play or make Playlists, based on those customs tags.

Is this possible?
I can't find 4th button in WindowCaption nor (Double)Click on Tray icon  to get it minimized to tray and restore.

I downloaded the portable version,

I'm using Windows 7 Hebrew OS.

I can see MuiscBee has the same issue I've had with MPC-HC (problem fixed). The buttons of the taskbar thumbnail preview are reversed.

According to my experience, the best way to handle and see how it looks like in RTL systems, is to achieve a RTL OS in virtual machine. Use VMware.

Beyond MusicBee / Re: How to organize songs by Tempo/Beat/Rhythm?
« on: March 28, 2018, 01:44:52 PM »
It's just a matter of finding a tool that will do the analysis and write the tag to the file.
I didn't think about to write the results to the files tags, but maybe it's a good idea.
Can you name some examples of such programs, which generate tags according to the analysis of sound waves (for songs you can't find them in any database)?

Beyond MusicBee / Re: How to organize songs by Tempo/Beat/Rhythm?
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:59:13 AM »
Thank you very much for your answer.
You mentioned, BPM analysis, and volume analysis.
Are there more types of sorting that can be done, by sound wave analysis?

Beyond MusicBee / How to organize songs by Tempo/Beat/Rhythm?
« on: March 20, 2018, 02:23:54 PM »
Tempo/Beat/Rhythm - I do not know exactly what the right term is, but I mean the speed of the song.
Let's say I have a folder/directory with hundreds of songs (mp3 files). Mixture of songs. All without tags at all.
I want to sort the songs into folders, according to their tempo.
Normally, Songs with faster tempo, are with a lot of noise. The songs with the slower tempo are quieter.
I'm not sure that the genre is what I'm looking for. I think the genre is not important. The point is to keep the same rhythm of songs, while listening to that Folder/Playlist.
I'm looking for a program that can scan the "Sound Waves" of the audio files, and can determine what type of this audio file is: Fast and Noisy, or Slow and Quiet.
What program can help me?

Exactly like you can edit the Rating (stars) while playing a song, I'm looking for ability to apply a custom tags by a click.
This idea is similiar idea to Gmail tags/labels. The same concept.

Another thought is to make it in such a way it could be found by Windows Search. Is there appropriate mp3 tag for this mission, making custom tags could be found by Windows Search?

MusicBee Wishlist / Window tiling
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:58:16 PM »
Look at "Window tiling" feature.
It looks it would be nice feature in MB.

Questions / Re: How MusicBee is with Private Tagging?
« on: March 17, 2016, 01:26:03 PM »
>But it looks like you are expecting an answer that suits your expectations of how tagging works and how it would be standardized.
I can agree with that.

I think it because I want to use Tags for searching and filtering rather than to have info about a file.
My questions came from using WIndows Explorer and Everytning Search, trying to find the best way to find/filter/manipulate music files.
I did fine for example with WMP and other players. It was very simple to do Enter or Send to.
The questions of Tags began with the wish of:
1. Making Labeld-Folders/AutoPlaylists/Dynamic Playlist
2. Find 1 file by its lyric

To have info about a file is nice, but I wouldn't waste a long time to update the Tags of my all Library for this.
I less care the missing tags, I care about the fast way to find/filter/manipulate things.

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