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General Discussions / Onedrive
« on: February 08, 2023, 02:15:59 AM »
There are several topics regarding Musicbee and Onedrive, so I thought I would just create a new post describing my experience. I had 3 PC's and a laptop on a home network all running Musicbee from a NAS. I then decided to use Onedrive and remove the NAS. After a bit of trial and error I got it working perfectly.
The most important thing that made it all come together was having the Musicbee and music library folders all contained in a drive with the same letter on each PC. 

I have over 600GB of data on Onedrive, but the amount of files stored locally as well on my PC's depends on what I'm using that PC for. I've found that with my internet speed being around 40 Mpbs, Onedrive can be a little bit slow accessing files when required. So on my main PC which I use for everything including personal and business, and adding files to Musicbee, I have a 250GB SSD as my C drive, and a 1TB SSD which has all my data stored locally as well as in Onedrive.
On the 3 other PC's I just keep the Musicbee and library folders stored locally on a separate drive to C. This makes Musicbee run without any lag,
and also handy if I take the laptop somewhere and I don't have internet access.

On 2 PC's I installed a second SSD.
On the laptop I installed a SD card.
On my Media Center PC I have quite a few HDD's, so I chose one and gave it the same drive letter as the above drives.

All drives that are connected to Onedrive have the same drive letter and enough capacity to cover Musicbee and music library folders, allowing for adding more MP3 files in the future. So, anything I do in Musicbee on my main PC automatically updates on my 3 other PC's via Onedrive. No more NAS and no more concerns about losing data, and also easy to replace a PC or drive without effecting Musicbee.

Questions / Re: Background tasks
« on: July 29, 2022, 08:15:16 AM »
Thanks Steven. Don't have "on startup check for missing or updated files" ticked
Updated to the latest patch version and replaced files as suggested, still no difference.
Running 3.5.8244

Questions / Re: Background tasks
« on: July 16, 2022, 09:07:16 AM »
Thanks for your response Vincent.

I'm not 100% sure on what you suggested "Using exactly the same address Musicbee is using, what happen if you browse or copy a couple of files from NAS to PC using Explorer?"

I'm able to go into the folder where all the music files are stored on the NAS and browse, play (with MB) or copy files using Explorer.

The other unusual thing is that I have MusicBee installed on 2 other PCs on the same network accessing the same MB libray folder on the NAS
I don't have this problem on either one of them. When I open MB on one of the other PC's, which is in the same room as the NAS, you can also hear the NAS start working, but no "Background tasks running" message when I close MB.

Questions / Background tasks
« on: May 27, 2022, 04:21:47 AM »
I've been using MusicBee for years. Lately I've noticed a couple of issues.
When I close Musicbee I get a popup window which says "background tasks are still running - do you want to terminate them and close musicbee anyway?
The other is, when I add new files to the library I open Analyse volume tool and select file(s) to analyse. Nothing happens and I get the blue circle rotating.
When I cancel Analyse volume tool I get a popup window which says "Files are being analysed - do you want to abort the process?"
After about 15/20 minutes things return to normal and I can use the Analyse Volume tool.
I also notice that when I open Musicbee my NAS starts running (that's where library is stored), and when the NAS stops is when Analyse Volume tool works again.
When I close Musicbee after NAS has stopped, "background tasks are still running" popup has disappeared, but when I restart Musicbee the 2 issues arise again.
I can see the connection between the NAS and Musicbee is causing the problem but I can't work out why. The NAS is setup to sync any changes to Onedrive in real time but I can't see how just opening Musicbee is causing this running in the background issue. I've stopped the sync process in the NAS but doesn't make any difference.

Questions / Re: Using Musicbee to its full potential
« on: September 28, 2015, 06:04:11 AM »
Thanks, I'll have a go at it.

Questions / Re: Using Musicbee to its full potential
« on: September 28, 2015, 12:26:09 AM »
No, I didn't know about it, is this what you're referring to?

I recall someone mentioning about that when I tried to set it up this way previously, thanks for the reminder. There's only two of us and I'm the one that looks after the PC's on the network and plays music through them, she's the ipad expert!

Questions / Re: Using Musicbee to its full potential
« on: September 27, 2015, 02:24:10 PM »
P.S. I know about OneDrive 

Questions / Re: Using Musicbee to its full potential
« on: September 27, 2015, 02:13:20 PM »
Hello everyone, I thought I'd jump on this post instead of creating a new one, looks like it might be the place to get some info.
I just noticed in a previous post from adn:

 "I just updated to the latest 2.5 version and I want to say that the new "add virtual device" feature is a godsend. I've been trying to do this for a couple months now and to see it work right away now is just so awesome.
I can finally sync my playlists to OneDrive and access my always up to date playlists from my laptop and phone, this is just perfect!"

I'm using itunes and an iphone 6. My itunes library and playlists are the same as in MB, when I update MB I manually update itunes to reflect MB.
I did some digging re add virtual device and OneDrive but couldn't find anything. Could someone please tell me if there is an easier way to do what I'm doing based on adn's post.


I just got this working perfectly and can't believe how easy it was once I worked it out. I tried to relocate my music library (the folder containing all my MP3 files) to another drive several times in the past and could never get MB running smoothly after the move, let alone my playlists. I'd spend hours in the MB library preferences, playing around with monitored folders, rescan all files etc, no luck.
The difference this time is I also moved the MB folder containing the .mbl file and the playlists folder. For some reason I thought that you would leave the MB folder on C drive where it automatically installs in the "My Music" folder, and point it towards your MP3 file folder on your other drive and MB would sort it out once you pointed it in the right direction.
The other thing is the difference between what I call my library and what MB refers to, which I've noticed is that I'm not the only one to get confused. MB library refers to the .mbl file in the MB folder in My Music
So, if you want to move your music file folder to another drive because your C drive isn't big enough, or like me you want it on a network drive to share with other PC's running MB, move your music file folder to the other drive, then move the MB folder from the My Music folder on C drive and put it in the same folder as where your music file folder is stored on the other drive (I just created another folder called "Music" and put them both in there). When you click on the MB shortcut on your desktop, direct it to the .mbl file in the MB folder that you relocated to the other drive.
I just did it on 2 PC's running MB, 5000 files and 16 playlists, no problem.
Just added a new MP3 file to my music library, showed up in MB on both PCs, added it to one of my playlists, showed up in the MB playlist on the other PC as well, perfect! I used to have to run a sync program every time I added new music files to my library to keep MP3 folder and MB up to date on 2nd PC.
Can't wait to set it up on my HTPC and have MB theater mode showing on 65" screen.

Questions / Musicbee on multiple computers with library on network storage.
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:01:43 AM »
I've just added a Lenovo EMC network storage device to my home network. I currently have MB set up individually on 2 PC's, I copy music file library and MB settings from one PC to another each time I add files and make changes to playlists, so MB on PC2 is always the same as PC1. What I would like to do is have my music file folder on the network storage, accessed by MB from both existing PC's, plus another HTPC that currently uses WMC for playing music. I could probably work out how to do this from scratch, but I don't want lose the 16 playlists I have. I assume that once it's setup, MB would recognize any new files that were added to the library on the network storage, but I would still have to copy MB playlist files to PC's 2 and 3 from PC 1, PC 1 being the one that I use to add files to the music library folder and MB playlists.

Questions / Re: Using MusicBee on multiple computers
« on: September 27, 2014, 02:15:08 AM »
Makes sense, but the reason a lot of the offered solutions don't work is that I remove my tablet from the network so I can play my music via MB in other locations. I read the other day someone having similar problems trying to sync via the cloud onto a sd card in a tablet. The original files were on a "C" drive while the sd card is designated "D" drive. His solution was to make the sd card part of C drive on the tablet. I have to look into that further, sounds like it could be the answer. The basic problem is that I can sync my music library from PC1 C drive to tablet D drive sd card no problem, and point MB on tablet to library on sd card and files will show in MB and play. But when I sync playlists from PC1 to tablet, the playlists on the tablet are looking for files on C drive.

Questions / Re: Using MusicBee on multiple computers
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:37:40 AM »
The music folder is not a problem. I have my main PC, where I continually add songs to my music folder, which MB monitors. Every new song I add then gets allocated to a playlist, which MB also monitors, no problem. I do a sync to second PC, (or you could copy), and MB on second PC is identical to main PC. Copied my music folder to sd card on tablet, works in MB, but it doesn't matter if I copy the MB playlists to sd card or on to MB folder on C drive, playlists are incomplete, not locating path to many files. That's when I discovered the files in MB playlists spread over two different directories.
I have to work out the correct way to add files to the playlists in PC 1 so they show up on tablet, then rectify playlists on PC1 so that playlist sync will work accurately to tablet. I can't understand why the playlists files are spread over two directories in PC1, I think that's the first thing I have to resolve.
I think either way, I will have to change directories to the existing unlinked playlist files on the tablet, via PC1, so that they will play on tablet after sync.
So basically, I'm after the same result as you, but somewhere my playlists files have been mixed up.

Questions / Re: Using MusicBee on multiple computers
« on: June 29, 2014, 10:19:24 AM »
On PC1 I can change the directory of a playlist song from \\office\my music\mp3s to C:\users\geoff\music\mp3s, but not the other way around. Considering playlists on notepad will recognise  \\office\my music\mp3s, but not  C:\users\geoff\music\mp3s, I don't think that's going to achieve anything. Then again, C:\users\geoff\music\mp3s is the correct directory for all my music files on PC1.
I think I've got to try and work out why 2 different playlist file directories don't affect PC1 or 2, only notepad.

Questions / Re: Using MusicBee on multiple computers
« on: June 29, 2014, 09:17:25 AM »
Just done a few little playlist exercises. No matter what I do to fix the unlocated files in notepad playlists, as soon as I do a playlist sync from PC1 (master library), files in notepad playlist revert to being unlocated again.

I can sync library and playlists to PC2 no problem, but folder locations are the same on PC1 and PC2. Because notepad has only a 64gb SSD, I put music library (25gb and increasing) on sd card.

So it boils down to MB playlists on notepad will not link music files that are on one of two directories that make up the playlist files on PC1.

I can't work out why MB playlist files on PC1 would be a combination of 2 different directories in the first place. All files in the MB music library have the same directory. I'll have to work out a way to have the one directory for playlist files on PC1, and then see how that affects playlists on PC1 before I attempt to sync to notepad.

Also the fact that music files in playlists from one directory show up on notepad but not those in another has me baffled, it obviously doesn't matter on PC1 and 2.

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