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Title: Few wishes
Post by: Michael305 on March 25, 2010, 08:09:32 PM

the more I use MusicBee the more I like it. It is the best free player out there. Thanks!

For me only a few things are missing to make it 100% perfect. It might be that some of the staff is
already implemented and I just missed it - the player has so much, it took me a while to find out its capabilities.

Rip Audio CD:
If the internet database query has several hits one has to select one of the entries before the ripping starts.
Would be good to have an option like 'Use first hit' to speed up the progress.

I would like to have a kind of party mode (like media monkey). E.g. showing the next 5 items from the playlist and
using most of the screen to display artwork, artist and title, seconds left, lyrics, etc. Also a search field to add songs to the playlist.
Ideally the layout could be tweaked by the user.
And one more vote for skins.

An option to give tabs a name would be great. And specifying tabs as locked to prevent they get lost.

Delete tracks:
The default when deleting track from the inbox is 'Delete from inbox and computer'. I would prefer a more safe option and
have as default 'Delete only from inbox'

Greetings from a happy user