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Title: Managing dupes like Grooveshark?
Post by: V4lve on December 28, 2009, 08:54:07 AM
Grooveshark has recently introduced a really cool feature that suppresses duplicates when you choose an album or artist.  Was wondering how easy it would be to do this in MusicBee. 

Basically all album and artist names shown in the current playlist are links. When you select one of them the playlist is reduced to unique tracks from that album or artist.  If you want to see the dupes you select a "load additional content" button at the bottom of the playlist.  This then adds all the dupes to the list but below the button, which has changed to "hide additional content".

This is a really interesting way of managing dupes because it assumes that people might want to hide them rather than simple get rid of them.  Which in my case is exactly what I want to do with archive files.

What do you think?