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Title: My Wish
Post by: buellie on August 14, 2009, 01:17:50 AM
making it portable

most of the stuff i run today is portable

Please make MusicBee Portable
Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: cdold on September 05, 2009, 12:50:21 PM
MusicBee Portable - that would be wonderful

that is my wish as well.

Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: Steven on September 05, 2009, 02:43:40 PM
at the moment MB has 3 sets of folders:
1. folder for the program files
2. folder for temporary files
3. folder for the music library cache and subscriptions (the music files themselves can be anywhere though)

if you enable file associations, it also will write some entries into the windows registry, but MB doesnt depend on the registry for any operations

for 3, you can already locate your library in the same folder as your MusicBee program - just hold the shift key down when you start MB and it will allow you to create the library anywhere.

So i guess for the portable installation, I just need to locate the temporary files folder to the same folder as the program files. I dont want to have to distribute 2 versions of the program as that increases the overhead for me, so i need to think about how to do that
Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: stenrulz on October 31, 2009, 02:54:40 AM
Does MusicBee use registry or a file for all of its settings? And where is the location of the settings?
If someone tells me this, I will see what I can do.

Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: Steven on October 31, 2009, 08:18:00 AM
as mentioned above, the only registry settings MusicBee will write to are windows file associations eg. so you can double click on a file in windows explorer and MusicBee is the default player. Its not required for the operation of musicbee itself and if no associations are ticked in the System preferences then no registry settings will be written to.
The file settings are in your local application data directory eg. on XP  for the main settings - the paths are windows defaults and are different on Vista and Win7
C:\Documents and Settings\<your id>\Application Data\MusicBee\MusicBeeSettings.ini
and in each library you create eg.
C:\Documents and Settings\<your id>\My Documents\My Music\MusicBee\MusicBeeLibrarySettings.ini

At some point i will provide an option to have these settings read/written to the same directory MusicBee is installed for truely portable behaviour
Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: stenrulz on November 01, 2009, 01:54:25 AM
Ok, thanks. If you are going to add the "settings read/written to the same directory MusicBee" then i will not worry about portable.

Title: Re: My Wish
Post by: Steven on November 09, 2009, 09:45:13 PM
this is implemented now - see the 1.2 beta topic